When you are planning an extended vacation for Christmas or during the summertime, you should be aware of the fact that burglars in Houston are usually looking forward to the peak seasons as their own little merry seasons as well. Burglars are invading most Houston TX homes exactly during the holidays, and you certainly don’t want to go on vacation and to be constantly worried about the safety of your home and belonging left behind at your property.

Today, we will share with you a couple of smart home security tips that will help you have a carefree holiday. Yet, the smartest tip we can provide is to contact your certified Houston locksmith, as this is one of the smartest, and proven way to prevent burglars from breaking into your home.

Create An Illusion

There is nothing wrong with playing hide and seek, even when you are not home. For example, you can use a timer to turn on the lights in your home when the night falls. This will create an illusion as to let would-be burglars think that there is someone home. Furthermore, if you own two vehicles, you can leave one of them in the driveway.

Keep Things Private

Even though social media is the most popular way to share your experiences with the world, you would want to keep your trip a private event for at least when you are back home. Announcing your movements and location on social media can attract burglars as the more savvy ones troll the social media scene looking for opportunities. You can take all those amazing pics and post them once you get back home, or simply use the default privacy setting and share whatever you want with the closest circle of your friends and not the general public. Read more about how Burglars used social media to target artwork in affluent Houston area homes.

Hand A Copy Of Your Keys To A Family Member

You can leave the keys of your home to a trusted neighbor, a family member, or a good friend. Asking them to check on the house occasionally and collect the mail. Believe it or not, a bunch of uncollected mail in the mailbox is one of the main “green lights” for burglars. Keep in mind that Alamo Key & Lock residential locksmiths in Houston can come to you and quickly cut new spare keys.

Keep Valuable Items In A Safe

Jewelry, heirlooms, and documents – put them in a safe. This is the best way to protect your valuables when being away from home. A fire-proof safe is a great option as well, as it adds to security measures. You’d be pleased to know that Alamo Key & Lock emergency locksmiths Houston TX also provides safe locksmith services in TX offering new safes, installations, and consultation.

Eliminate The Risk Of Accidents

Burglars can even take advantage of an accident in a home – fire or flood. Turn off the water supply, and throw away all perishable food and items from your refrigerator. Turning the main water supply off will prevent plumbing issues and leakages from threatening to cause a flood.

Try Our Home Security Audit

Protecting your home from burglars can be easy when you know who to call. We shared a couple of useful and proven tips on how to protect your home while being away on a vacation. Yet, the safest way to do so is to contact your local Houston locksmith. Our professional locksmith service in Houston TX can ensure locks on doors and windows are working correctly and are secure.

In case you would like to add a higher level of protection, we can help you with installing new security systems and surveillance cameras as well. To inquire about our locksmith services and security systems, call 713-688-3887 us anytime and we’ll detail how we may serve you as well.

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