A master keying system has many distinct advantages over regular types of locking systems, one of which is its ability to prevent burglary and theft because one master key controls all the locks.

Master keying systems are also immensely popular for business buildings and warehouses because they can limit the number of people that can gain access and widespread rekeying every time an employee is leaves for example is not necessary. Master keys can be used for restricted zones in a building as well as for general entryways. As cost-effective and convenient as the system may be, there are a few important considerations that may escape notice.

Changing Hands

The master key system is not an advanced biometric identification system so locks can be opened by anyone that carries the master key. Just like a regular set of keys, master keys can absolutely be misplaced, stolen, or given to another person. As a result, this can compromise the security of the home or business premises. When you visit or engage the services of a locksmith to install this system for you, make sure you ask them to integrate ‘Unique Serial Number’ so that it is easier to track if the key has gone into the wrong hands.

Master keys can also be replicated in certain circumstances if someone has had access to the original key for some time. However, restricted keyways mean that it is very hard to replicate the key and that becomes a major deterrent for imposters.

Track It

Master keying systems allow for tracking when any of the sets of keys are used. Certain master keying systems have related control software so that reports can be generated on the serial numbers of the keys used at any time. The control software also has a firewall function which means it is hard to hack and can be kept just for the owner or manager’s private use and monitoring.

The information can also be remotely accessed by the owner and can be teamed up with any video surveillance system installed to provide an up-to-date data sheet on who has been entering the property. Always engage a professional locksmith for the purpose of installing a master keying system to ensure its effectiveness.

Rekey And Call It A Day

In cases where the master key has fallen into the wrong hands or has been lost, the locks can be rekeyed with the help of a locksmith to make them work with a new key. Rekeying is recommended in all properties where various people may have a copy of the main key (or keys, or were given one at some point in time like in the case of a previous employee/s). Buying a new property with an existing master key already installed is also a good reason to rekey the system to make sure only you as the new owner have to access to it.

As any locksmith will tell you, rekeying is not a lengthy process, which is why work can continue in the surroundings and the general comings and goings of people can go on without interruption.

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