In the wake of continually improving technology with regard to security, it is only fair to upgrade your residential security to better protect your loved ones as well as prized belongings from falling into harm’s way.

The trends circulating in the current Houston TX home security market at the moment revolve a great deal around automation so that security protocols are not only easier to manage, but also, are more effective to prevent access to intruders or burglary.

New Generation Surveillance Cameras

Wireless cameras are widely preferred in residential properties in Houston by homeowners (whether you are living in an apartment, or in a single dwelling) because wireless cameras can be operated remotely along with providing remote access to footage which is invaluable if you are on holiday or have long work hours. It is also particularly preferred by Houstonians who live alone or elderly citizens who have specific security concerns in their personal life.

Not only can you access the recorded footage at your own convenience, these new generation wireless surveillance cameras provide live streaming features as well. You can connect them to receive notifications or updates on your email or smartphone in the form of text messages. These latest security cameras specialize in various triggers such as movement and sound which makes them a very useful tool for property security. Many surveillance camera manufacturers provide security service subscriptions that homeowners can sign up for to ensure quick response time should an unfortunate event occurs.

These cameras are also easy to install wherever you prefer and they can be hidden from sight as well. They provide an automatic alarm service which means you won’t have to manually call for help but the alarm will summon help as soon as it is triggered via the settings chosen.

To learn more about cost-effective home security installations, contact our expert locksmiths who can advise as well as transform your home security to be, secure.

Automate Your Home Including Access

Smart automation has been gaining traction for many years throughout the United States including Texas Houston, because of its ease of use and varied features that include everything from turning lights on to surveillance cameras, security alarms, and so on. The essential premise is that every function of your home (even if it is turning off the fireplace or stove) is automated either through a preset schedule or manually from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The smartphone or tablet becomes a smart hub from which you can access and control all the features including door locks, cameras, alarms, and other security features.

Traditional systems of security have become obsolete as smart security options are becoming more and more common with cost-effective year-round packages offered by some security companies in Houston. Although they are more common in homes as opposed to apartment buildings or commercial properties. Homeowners that spend a lot of time away from home can remotely access door locks allowing housekeeping or repairmen to gain entry whenever required.

voice control smart home technology icons and a house illustration

Voice Controlled Security?

Isn’t surprising how we all became accustomed to words such as “Hey Google” “Hey Alexa” talking to our technological devices? Where not long ago, such behavior was only seen in science fiction movies, but today, it’s a reality.

One of the biggest home security trends to emerge in the last couple of years is voice activation. Voice activation today is used in most homes and apartments in one form or another because of Siri, Google, and Alexa, and now voice activation has found its way into residential security. Voice command can carry out any number of functions such as closing garage doors or transferring footage from certain cameras. The virtual assistant aspect is brilliant for managing other functions such as checking humidity or temperature levels or controlling appliances.

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