Security is a worrisome aspect for property owners that rarely frequent the site or operate warehouses where considerable valuable inventory is stored and where staff may be employed. If the property or building has to be renovated, repaired, or refurbished that comes with its own security concerns.

Because it is hard to manage who has access to the property. Many property owners in Houston use temporary construction keying (sometimes for long periods of time) to safeguard their valuables as well as any renovation or construction materials that may belong to a third party.

The Main Reasons For Using A Construction Key

The main purpose of a construction keying (also known as builders key) is used so that it minimizes the risk of theft of the contractor’s (or owner’s) materials or equipment, vandalism, fire, or other damages to the construction site, equipment, or materials during the process of construction. Furthermore, construction keying helps keep rekeying costs down. On project completion, steps are taken to render the construction key inoperative preventing entry by the builder and or other contractors.

What Is Construction Keying?

Construction keying is convenience-based because it allows both the owner of the building and the construction manager (or other relevant contractors such as carpenters, painters, plumbers, etc.) to gain entry.

Special lock cylinders are installed in the building’s locks that use a metal insert that acts as a master key system. Most professional locksmiths will be able to provide you with this sort of temporary keying system. The construction key is installed at a greater depth so it can keep the owner’s lock intact so the owner’s key will still be able to access the lock. The primary pin chambers remain intact so that the metal plate can be removed later once the construction/renovation is completed.

Methods Of Installing Construction Keys

There are two main ways anyone can make use of a temporary construction keying system:

  • The owner can choose to have a basic temporary key made using the mechanism mentioned above and give it to the builder/s (or renovators) that need access to the premises for a limited period of time. An important point to remember is that the owner’s key invalidates the temporary construction key which makes it an effective security measure.
  • The locks can also be keyed alike to the original owner’s key so that it is easier to make the transition once work on the property is completed. In the end, the locksmith can change out the lock cylinders to the owner’s specifications.

Pros Of Temporary Keying

  • This method of temporary construction keying is great for property owners because often construction or renovation-related projects require a large number of people (from builders to other professionals) to have access to the premises. In the continual coming and going, burglary can become a real threat as there isn’t usually a particular check and balance on the people entering and leaving the construction site.
  • The temporary keying method can restrict the number of people having access to the ones that have the right key. The original owner can also invalidate the temporary key with his own master key as the lock dismantles upon insertion of the original key at any suitable time.
  • This type of temporary construction key keeps costs down because any professional locksmith can provide rekeying in a short period of time for all the building’s locks. In most cases, only a few important entryways are considered for rekeying.
  • Any items, materials, or valuables stored in the property can be protected through this mechanism of temporary construction keying since the building should always be considered vulnerable to burglary even when it is empty. So, therefore, this type of keying system is a good precaution to take.

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Construction Keying For Property Owners, Contractors, Or Builders In Houston

Alamo Key & Lock locksmiths in Houston Texas can provide a full range of solutions including a single Construction Master Key to use in multiple cylinders/padlocks while contractors are on a construction site. Once the project is completed, Alamo Key & Lock will supply the new owners (occupants) with a changeover key, thus providing better security and peace of mind for your property.

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