Security is a wide term, there are many tools, applications, and procedures that make security more, secure. Whether it’s for your Houston home or your Houston business, you can always improve the level of security you currently have in place. In this blog post, we’re going to explore Card Readers.

Card reader security systems are very popular in a range of businesses, industries as well as among regular homeowners that want that advanced security and accountability. Unfortunate as it may be, thieves have been around as long as humans have been around.

While having quality keys, locks, and doors as the first line of defense, CCTV cameras are useful for recording information for later, however, they have limited applicability to physically barring someone from entry and they are also easy to get rid of, as in damage.

Unless premises has around-the-clock staff to view the camera footage, an additional system such as the card readers can be imperative for preventing entry which is not always possible to do with human intervention.

Many Houston Tx businesses when deciding on upgrading their security system will usually consider everything from key fobs to biometric scanners. While a card reader system is satisfying to use and get data out of, it has some overall limitations. When considering upgrading locks, keys, doors, safes, biometric locks in Houston, and security systems talk with your local locksmiths ready to answer all your questions and provide professional advice, simply call 713-688-3887

Key Card Versions For Card Readers

Key cards are not universal and there are a few different ones available that come with their own mechanisms. While all cards operate on the same basic principle of having the data read and approved by the reader, they can look physically different. Most cards however are made from plastic with in-built magnets or chips installed and companies consider covering the cards with protective cases to avoid damage costs incurred by employees.

Swipe-Type Cards

Swipe cards are one version of the key card that features a magnetic strip that when swiped, transfers the stored information to the reader system. Swipe cards are made in much the same way as a credit card or debit card.

Swipe cards can store more data than other types of key card versions such as Wiegand cards. Polarized magnets are used to make the magnetic strip. The magnets in the strip do not permanently store information of any kind and they can be reprogrammed as the need arises.

Wiegand Key Cards

Wiegand card has a different mechanism from swipe cards as two short wires are used to transfer data. The spots in the wiring pattern are registered as data on the reader and this technology first emerged in the 1970s so it is relatively old. The Wiegand key card can store mostly binary information that cannot be disrupted by surrounding magnetic fields. Wiegand key cards are widely used by businesses to give their employees access as they are less fragile than traditional swipe cards that have magnetic components. This means better cost-effectiveness in the long run for some companies trying to find cost reduction opportunities.

Proximity Key Cards

Proximity (or Prox) cards are another type of key card used in various card reader systems. Radio frequencies are used to store data onto the card via a microchip. When the card is close to the detector it sends energy signals from its coiled wires that the reader can detect. They are fantastic for maintaining security as they are not published in a standard imitable format.

Smart Cards

Smart cards are a cut above the rest, smart card devices contain an embedded integrated circuit that can be either a secure microcontroller or equivalent intelligence with an internal memory chip. The card connects to a reader with direct physical contact or with a remote contactless radio frequency interface.

Smart cards can encrypt data and store more data than most other types of key cards. They are used by businesses sometimes for access to special rooms or areas as they may be too expensive for some Houstonian business owners to make available to all employees.

RFID Readers

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is used in many contactless smart cards. RFID Smart Cards store information on a chip embedded in the smart card. An RFID Reader is a radio frequency transmitter and receiver that can read and write information to an RFID tag.

RFID Readers can be portable or fixed. Their use can vary, for example, if you are operating a medium-sized business in Texas and want to upgrade employee time clocks, you could use RFID smart card with a pin number functionality providing you with more accurate employee data which also eliminates buddy punching and time theft.

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