Keycards have many different names (Swipe cards, Fobs, Swipe Systems, Door Entry System, Magnetic Cards, RFID/NFC cards, ID cards, or Prox cards). Regardless of what it’s called and the technology used may differ, keycards are used to efficiently and securely grant or restrict access to certain areas for authorized users when they swipe their unique card.

Their applications in the U.S, as well as Houston TX, have grown drastically over the years to now include Office buildings, Elevators, Apartments, Hotels, Parking Spaces, Schools, and Homes.

While many Houston businesses and homeowners may be enthusiastic about installing a card reader system in their buildings or homes, it is vital to be sure that it actually is a good fit for your particular requirements. Evaluating the pros and cons of key card systems can help in this regard as they are a big investment especially if readers are to be installed in multiple entry points.

Key cards are generally quite fragile, and for security reasons may need to be constantly changed up, as well as some key cards may not reprogram easily. Before installing or buying such a system, its always wise to consult your local Houston locksmith and avoid attempting self-installation because professional locksmith services can make sure that everything is working correctly. Because self-installation can lessen the integrity of the system, you may overlook critical elements for successful installation and thus create major loopholes in the overall security.

Benefits Of Using Keycard Access Control Systems

  • It is possible to control and monitor multiple doors, entry points, and gates with the key card system without needing additional equipment such as cameras. The same card can also be programmed for the same number of doors and most key cards themselves can be reprogrammed to encrypt different data
  • Cards can vary according to the level or area of access. Smart cards can control access to restricted areas in the building or inside a house oftentimes complimenting another access control system such as biometric verification. Employees can be issued a different card compared to management
  • The issue with many smart security systems is the possibility that they can be deactivated from a remote or a different location from the one where the system is installed. That is not possible with key card mechanisms
  • Cards are an easier access control solution for business employees or homeowners as you don’t need to remember pins and passwords. A biometric system is also great but cards are quicker and more convenient for daily use or multiple uses in a day
  • Cards are far more useful than metal keys as they can be reprogrammed, or access can be denied if the card is revoked. This increases security as well as lessens cost over the medium to long term

Strongly Consider These Before Using Key-Card System For Security

  • A keycard is only useful when in direct contact. If management wishes to reprogram the information stored on a Wiegand interface, for example, it will have to have the employee or cardholder come in and hand the card over. No remote access to the card is possible and physical proximity is paramount
  • The card always needs to be carried by the people that need access to a certain controlled location/s as a result many businesses prefer mobile verification systems instead just because of the convenience factors. If someone forgets their keycard it is a lot of hassle causing downtime as the system is not biometric
  • Key cards are considerably fragile and thus more prone to damage and breakage than one might think. Swipe cards that are made from magnetic components can easily break and over time this can be a considerable accumulative cost
  • Although used by many Houstontains keycards are not the best security option considering what’s available on the market today. Common variations of keycards can be replicated and hacked which can prove disastrous concerning security

Fun Facts About Access Control Systems

Many electronic access control locks use a Wiegand interface to connect the card swipe mechanism to the rest of the electronic entry system. However, as technology has evolved since the 1980s, today newer keycard systems use radio-frequency identification (RFID). You can also learn more about securing entrances and commercial businesses in Houston here

Talk To Your Local Houston Locksmiths For Advice On Security Installations

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