Have you ever been locked out of your house or vehicle? Imagine that it’s late at night, let’s say 11 PM Saturday night, and yes, you had a great night out, standing in front of the door, you are tired and can’t wait till you hit the sack to recover. Eager to get inside you reach into your pocket (or your purse), as if like a blind citizen you feel around to grab your keys.

You swear it is in your pocket, however, magically keys have now disappeared. What do you do? You can’t call the cops, they won’t come. You can’t call your friends because they do not have spare keys nearby for your house or vehicle in TX. Instead, you call an emergency locksmith in Houston. That’s correct, even at 11 PM or 3 AM whatever the time, these professionals come to your rescue, and voila, all is back to normal. Although they are not superman or superwoman, what would we really do if locksmiths were not around? We would be in trouble.

Unless we are living in some Amazonian jungle village, in our modern society, we lock our possessions to keep them safe. Be it our home, cars, offices, apartment, bicycle, and everything else that has a lock, and unless we all stop using locks and keys, we’ll need the services of locksmiths. But, and this is a big but, not all locksmiths are created equal. Surely, we would rather you call us here 713-688-3887 at Alamo Key & Lock and skip the process of searching for a trusted and professional locksmith in Houston TX.

Because, unlike other Houston Locksmiths, we provide you with friendly advice over the phone. And, trust us when we say “we’ve been able to solve countless locksmithing issues for our cherished Houston TX community citizens simply over the phone”. Call us 713-688-3887

However, should you decide to continue searching for other Houston locksmiths, then, keep these in mind:

Emergency Locksmiths

This is when a locksmith is on call 24/7 365 Days a year. And not just because the business card, advertisement, or website says “Emergency Locksmiths Houston”.


The locksmith industry is diverse, meaning, residential, commercial, automotive, vaults and safes, forensic locksmiths all require different skills. Consider choosing a master locksmith with experience. Because then, you have all the solutions you need regardless of your locksmith service requirements.

Trusted Locksmiths

Just like you’ll find in any industry, there are drive-by flyers, and what’s worse is the fact that there are locksmiths who take advantage of residents of our Houston community (especially our elderly residents). That means it’s always wise to triple-check (not just double-check) the locksmith you are thinking of hiring. Furthermore: do NOT let anyone pose as a locksmith unless the signs are clear. Because

Clarity Is Power

Ask for credentials, professional locksmiths operate a legitimate registered business in Texas. That means, locksmiths, operate a licensed profession, and therefore must be licensed and also insured. You can ask simple questions such as “are you registered?” “Are you licensed?”. Also, when a locksmith arrives to serve you, it will most likely be with a van that includes locksmithing equipment and tools.

Imagine that someone comes to your door wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a 4 door sedan posing as a locksmith? Remember, you are absolutely not obligated to let them in if you suspect something doesn’t’ seem right. Because we’ve heard many horror stories about scammers posing locksmiths in TX, and we Alamo Key & Lock would very much like to not hear such stories in the future.

Above all else, common sense will prevail when looking for professional locksmiths in Houston TX. And we are looking forward to answering all your questions and providing you with cost-competitive locksmithing services.
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