If you have moved into an old house or have occupied a warehouse or commercial building that was made many years ago, you could potentially be overlooking scores of security concerns that generally accompany older properties throughout Houston TX. Furthermore, many buildings and houses have defunct or obsolete security systems that may have worked or been popular a decade or so ago but simply cannot compete with your residential and commercial locksmithing and security needs for today.

It is also vital to note that burglars have developed all manner of new and effective techniques of gaining entry to commit their crimes, which means an older building or a house (especially one that may have been recently moved into) is ripe for the picking.

Below are some factors you should consider for your own peace of mind and ensure the safety of yourself, family members, or your staff and valuable inventory if you’re a business property owner.

Structural Concerns

Older buildings naturally have been through wear and tear and are weather-beaten. Doors and windows typically get compromised this way (their wood can rot, hinges and handles can get loose over time along with other issues) and this can mean it is easier to gain entry for an outsider/intruder. Wherever possible renovate the property (or repair or replace parts if worn-out or damaged) you are moving into or to utilize commercially. Replace broken windows and mend old doors, never make the mistake of not changing the existing locks as that can be a major security problem in itself.

Rust in the metal locks and other door fixtures all contribute to further damage. Similarly, termites or wood decay in older doors and windows can also mean someone can break in or push into the house fairly easily. If locks, in particular, are rusted, have them changed immediately. It’s smart to call upon a trusted professional locksmiths ‘Alamo Key & Lock’ to access your home or building to ascertain loopholes that can be utilized by burglars. Simply 713-688-3887

Ignored Access Points

Ignored access points exist on some properties throughout Houston Texas, simply because some have been around so long that new owners will not know of them. These points are also known as dark property areas and they may be areas that people have forgotten about, such as where a weaker wall was put in, or somewhere where a window used to be, etc. Burglars lookout for such access points that you as a new buyer or renter may not be aware of. Make sure you conduct a thorough evaluation of the property or consult a professional locksmith on the best way to implement better security measures.

Update Security Be Done Out With The Old

Set aside a budget to deal with security systems on your property, even if it has an existing security system that may be outdated. It is possible a burglar may already have tampered with the locks or tried to gain access in the past, or that the system either no longer works or has defects. There are many new security systems available on the market today, whether you want wireless CCTV, deadbolts, keypad entry, master key system, or even biometric security systems, you have plenty of choices that may better cater to your specific requirements.

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