Social media is not all fun and games, in recent years there has been a rise in related crime as well as burglaries because it is also a source of information about someone’s life. Pictures, videos, or other information shared on social media reaches a lot of people even with strict privacy control settings. Many burglars or trespassers with malicious intent can use this intel to your disadvantage, especially if you are out of town or not at home. Any information about your travel itinerary posted on social media can become a security hazard.

Here are a few ways you may be compromising your safety or valuables just by posting on social media.

  • Any locksmith will tell you that vacations pose an opportunity for someone (potential burglars) to try to gain access to your Houston home or property. Not to mention that social media makes it easy to figure out when you will be leaving or how long you may be gone. Never underestimate the possibility that an acquaintance on social media could also tip someone off! Potential trespassers could also figure out potential entryways (windows and doors) from videos shared online which could allow them to prepare breaking-in options accordingly. If you are sharing photos from your vacation, then that also is a signal someone may be looking for to gain unlawful access to your property.
  • Snapchat and other apps that run on your location tracking are also dead giveaways and can aid a trespasser or burglar. If you haven’t taken the time to acquaint yourself with the security settings you could unknowingly be informing anyone wanting to know your daily schedule with timings as well as your residential address.
  • Check-ins such as the ones allowed in Google Maps and Facebook are considered a harmless activity when you’re out enjoying a meal, or about to board a plane but they also signal you are not at home to anyone that is scoping out your home for burglary.

Locksmith-Tested Tips

  • Tailor and familiarize yourself with the security settings on each mobile app so you are not needlessly sharing personal or location-based information. If you are a public figure and need to have an open account on any social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, make sure you are wary of the information you are sharing.
  • When possible install video surveillance on your property so you can keep track of intruder attempts and identity even if you are away from home. Security cameras nowadays can provide a live stream or access to footage on your phone or tablet through Wi-Fi.
  • If a smart security system is out of the budget, make sure you have shatter-proof windows and proper deadbolt locks installed and smaller entranceways like dog/cat doors are also secured. Very cost-effective smart devices are also widely used such as smaller door cameras and alarms that can act as a deterrent.
  • Investing in safes for valuables or keeping them in structural hiding places can also help matters along in terms of property security. Although it’s natural to share images of gifts and valuables with friends, ensuring only trusted friends on social media have access to such information regarding your highly valuable items is always better in terms of security.

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