Riding along, wind on your face, young at heart driving around Houston Texas, or enjoying the scenes through Seawall Boulevard TX. Regardless of where you ride your motorcycle, as you know, you’ll need to park it. As a motorbike owner, you already know the importance of parking where it’s safe. Whether you were unfortunate enough to get your bike stolen or whether you heard it through friends that Motorbikes get stolen just as cars do. Basically, motorbike thefts happen more than you think. Here at Alamo Key & Lock, we have seen many cases throughout the years as we offer motorbikes locksmith services in Houston TX.

Our experience tells us that there are certain steps you can take to protect yourself and your motorcycle. Today, let us share some helpful tips on how to protect your motorcycle from vandals and thieves.

Motorcycle safety against would-be thieves begins with having the right locks and locking tools, and a motorcycle locksmith can provide the right locking systems and advice for better security as the first line of defense. You’re always welcome to get in touch with one of our motorcycle locksmiths in Houston for any type of key issues, lockouts, questions, or any type of locking problems.

Parking Is Where Motorcycles Are At Their Most Vulnerable

We don’t need to remind you that parking space is a critical aspect when protecting your motorcycle. Perhaps the best solution to keep your bike from being stolen or damaged is to keep it out of prying eyes when parked. Always choose to park your bike in a garage (if your Houston house has one) and at a secure indoor parking space at work (if your Houston Texas workplace has one). If you can not park it securely, at least consider using a bike cover as a deterrent.

motorcycles parked in rows at a gathering in Houston Texas

Use a reliable and secure motorcycle parking space whenever available. Even if you have to pay for it for short stays because no matter how well you lock your motorcycle, it will be better protected from theft in a specified safe place than on the street. If there is no secure parking, park and lock your bike at a place where there are other bikes. If you leave it alone, it will allow the thief enough time to work at your lock without being seen.

Once a motorbike is stolen, its rare that you’ll get it back or find it, at times our motorbike locksmiths in Houston get called out for bikes that are found. Although rare, what we mean is, always consider using secure parking space, and at least make sure you park near other motorbikes, or where there are plenty of people around.

Security Chain Lock For Motorbikes

Using a motorcycle chain and lock is an excellent way to lock your motorbike, as it reduces the chance of thieves taking your bike if it is attached to a fixed object. Chains locks are usually installed on the frame of the bike or around the wheel to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen. Tighten the shape associated with the steel chain. Robbers need extra time along with power tools to cut a hardened steel chain. The locks on the thick steel chain locks have a higher level of security as they provide extreme resistance against attacks.

motorbike chain lock

Motorcycle Disc Locks

Another additional device to prevent thieves from stealing is through using a disc lock. Motorcycle disc locks are portable devices that can be used on the brake disc of a motorbike. The disc locks are portable, so they can easily be taken when you are on the move and then easily be mounted on your motorbike wheel. Disc locks can be attached to disc brakes which help prevent roll-away theft.

D-Lock (U-Locks)

D-lock (sometimes referred to as U-locks) is made of thick hardened steel handcuffs with a safety. These types of motorcycle locks look like the letter D, hence the name. Having many thickness levels and brand manufacturers, surely higher the level of thickness coupled with steel type offers a greater level of security. Because the handcuffs are thicker, the strength of the handcuffs will play a role in their reliability. D-locks such as Kryptonite with 18 mm handcuffs are considered as one of the most reliable motorbike locks available on the market.

Ball-Joint Locks

These locks consist of a series of articulated ball joints that protect an internal cable. All this is covered with plastic to protect the components from moisture and dirt, as well as to protect the motorcycle from scratches. Ball-joint locks are known for combining strength and elasticity. It is the choice for many budget motorcycles as it provides basic security. Here at Alamo Key & Lock Houston’s trusted motorcycle locksmiths, we do not recommend using ball-joint locks when locking up your motorbike as these types of locks are usually easier to break.

Motorcycle Locksmith Tips For Security

Two locks are always better than one lock. You will ideally want two well-made locks of a different type. That way, even if the thief manages to break one lock, they will find it extremely difficult to break both locks. Make sure one of the Motorcycle locks you are using has a sturdy and thick cable to attach your bike to something immovable.

motorbike security

A disk lock can work well as a secondary lock, and there are many models that come with a built-in alarm system providing your bike with an extra layer of security.

Change your parking spot often if you ride your motorbike to work in Houston TX.

Do not make an honest mistake thinking motorcycles do not get stolen as often as cars because some thieves specialize in stealing motorcycles.

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