Did you know that the scope of locksmith services goes much deeper than simple keys replacement, or providing assistance when someone locks themselves out of the office, car, or a house? Because being a professional, certified, and licensed locksmith in Houston TX requires many years of training as well as professional experience.

As we’ve outlined in our previous blog post, there are many different types of locksmiths serving Houston Texas residents. For example: A locksmith who specializes in safes and vaults can easily get you back into your safe should you happen to lose your keys. Although many locksmiths in TX claim to offer Emergency services, does not mean, they will be available when you call them. These are some of the reasons why not all locksmiths in Houston can offer you the same professional service.

Today, a skilled locksmith has to keep track of the changes and upgrade their skills to cater to the latest technologies, especially when it comes to automotive industry locks and keys, as well as with adding security to your property in TX.

There is a huge difference between a handyman service and the service of a professional and licensed locksmith. After all, it wouldn’t be wise to consider things such as home or business security as just another mundane thing to do.

We wanted to highlight the core of locksmith services, as you should have an insight into the basic, yet complex scope of locksmith services when hiring us.


Of course, a locksmith will handle anything related to locks whether you want to install new, more secure locks, or to replace the old ones if you are moving into a new property. Furthermore, a locksmith not only can replace the old locks, but they can also ensure even old locks are accessible to you onlyThis is called rekeying.

Home security strategies develop with time. Instead of having security locks on your door only, a locksmith can install state-of-the-art security systems as well as window locks as well.


Any locksmith knows how to cut an extra set of keys, in fact, nowadays most shopping malls like the uptown park in Houston may even offer key duplication services, however, what if you were to ask about: euro cylinder, mortise, or a night latch lock to an unqualified locksmith? Perhaps silence will be the response.

Did you also know that most keys are coded with unique identifiers? This is a great thing to know (or to write down), as a licensed locksmith can cut a new set of keys using these codes even if you lost your key (keep in mind that the State of Texas has laws governing key duplication according to the codes found on keys).

An automotive locksmith can also copy the data from a transponder onto another key so you can access your vehicle this way as well. Transponder cloning belongs to a newer type of locksmith service, as they contain a small computer chip within the key-lock.

When you want to be the only individual who gives authority for copying of the keys in your premises, then you should definitely consider a restricted master key system. Installing this system increases the level of security, as you would be the only one to open up multiple doors in your home or office.

diagram of a master key system

The restricted master key system is mostly used for:

  • Investment properties,
  • Businesses,
  • Offices,
  • Large commercial buildings.


Locksmiths are very familiar with many different types of doors and locking systems, they can advise you on choosing one that suits your security needs the most. In case you are unfortunate enough to have experienced a burglar breaking in (or trying and causing damage), professional locksmiths in Houston TX can advise, or least point you in the right direction.

Trends and technology changes, for example, UPVC doors are now sought after, as these provide more security and are soundproof. In case you want to install one of these, you will certainly need a qualified locksmith to make sure the doors work correctly and are secure.

The same story goes for security doors, which add the level of protection you require, as a locksmith is the only one who knows how to install, replace, or repair them according to strict standards.

Another way to secure your TX property even further is to fit the door with door closers. These closers are either external or hidden within the door frame, depending on your needs.

Speak With A Professional Locksmith In Houston

As you can see a seemingly simple locksmith solution actually includes multiple skill levels. When you want to improve security in your home or the security of your commercial premise, it is much smarter to speak with experienced professionals – Alamo Key & Lock. Simply call 713-688-3887 and you can tell us exactly how secure you want your place to be. Then, we’ll recommend the best options and we’ll handle everything in the most professional and secure way possible, as well as provide you with great solutions that best suit your needs. Talk to us about all your locksmithing service requirements.

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