In a world of biometric security locks and voice-activated smart home security cameras, many commercial property owners and residential homeowners in Houston Texas are still under the impression that the good old doorknob locks will suffice to prevent burglary or unlawful trespassers.

In truth, doorknobs are not going to make the cut because they are notoriously easy to pick apart and gain entry into the premises. Here’s how you can upgrade your residential security without having to put aside a huge budget for the latest smart tech.

Door Knobs Are A Gateway Because Thieves Aren’t Smart

Essentially doorknob locks are an invitation to burglars simply because they take very little time to pick, for that reason they can be considered a gateway into burglary and unlawful access to a home. In most cases, even a portable drill that burglars carry or any other kind of brute force will be sufficient enough to break down a door (or just the doorknob part).

Having a deadbolt lock should ideally be your first step in ensuring a defense against burglary, and one of the main reasons is that it is complicated and time-consuming to break into thus acting as a major deterrent for would-be thieves. Many people install deadbolt locks in conjunction with other security measures such as alarms.

Using deadbolts is particularly useful because of its design structure as bolts go deep into the strike plate of the door frame making ’em harder to break. Not to mention they take longer to dismantle that which makes burglary riskier for the thief, especially during the day as there is plenty of time for the burglar to be spotted and reported to the police.

Kinds Of Deadbolts To Invest In

Single-cylinder deadbolts are the most commonly used amongst Houston homeowners and they use a twist knob for locking and opening. Double cylinder deadbolts are a more secure option as their steel bolts jam completely into the door frame ensuring solid protection.

It is important to note that single cylinder deadbolts may be inexpensive but they can still be broken into as their steel bolts do not insert completely into the door jam and frame. It’s wise to consult with a professional locksmith in Houston Texas or store staff regarding this aspect before you buy such locks.

Professional Locksmith’s Advice

The strike plate is the real Achilles’ heel in deadbolt locks because it determines how much strength and force the lock can hold if it’s being bombarded with brute force or the door is being kicked in. Most experienced locksmiths will tell you to use at least 30-inch screws so they can withstand impact. Reinforce the strike plate as much as possible but remember to pair it with a deadbolt and not a regular turnkey lock.

Components To Watch Out For

Some common aspects of residential locks are oftentimes overlooked by property owners such as:

  • Most burglars use illegal bump keys to break into standard-issue residential locks. From the outside, a bump key looks like any normal key except it has the ability to line up all the pins in a lock together so it can easily be pried open. Some professional career burglars also possess 3D bump keys.
  • Many burglars can also snap a lock that is small and light using any basic tool like a drill. For that reason, install the heaviest locks you can afford. Light, small and fragile locks (with similarly thin cylinders) are the easiest to snap open even without a drill, and surveys have shown millions of homes throughout the state of Texas have these sorts of locks installed.

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