While it is widely accepted that buying a safe for valuables kept at home or on office premises is a wise thing to do, it can be very infuriating and inconvenient if you end up being locked out of one. There are many different lock types that are used for safes, such as Biometric systems and electronic keypads (or other types of safes) but despite all the latest advancements, most Houstonians prefer the good old fashion heavy duty and durable, physical locks which are still popular.

Regardless of the type of safe you have installed, (or thinking of buying) it is very problematic when you lose access to it and you may be tempted to drill into the lock or try some tricks from a movie scene (or online YouTube video) you have seen. No matter the challenges in cracking the safe open, an experienced and skilled locksmith will be able to overcome them and regain access safely back in your safe again.

Forgot The Combination?

In many instances, the safe owner may simply forget the combination and while the advice of working backward from the starting point in order to remember may not work, it does help to have the pin or password saved securely somewhere else after installation. This needs to be a safe, unassuming place or the password should be in code so that only you can understand it and access it.

With safes in commercial buildings, someone with skills may break in and change the combination. If you suspect that this has happened, you may want to inspect the safe for signs of damage and call a locksmith right away to gain access to it. If you are storing sensitive information or valuables such as collectibles, you should consider installing CCTV cameras or other security measures for maximum security.

Structural Defect

Depending on the type of safe you own, if the dial or entry pad on your safe is loose or hanging out or if the keypad is stuck on a particular number, this can be another indication that your safe was tampered with. It can also be a manufacturing problem of the Safe that becomes evident after the first couple of months of use.

In the case of the latter, contact the manufacturer with a warranty claim and get the safe replaced, and if this cannot be done, then consider hiring a trusted locksmith for making workable adjustments. Alamo Key & Lock can provide you with free over-the-phone advice for all types of safe warranty claims. Simply call 713-688-3887 and speak directly with a professional Houston locksmithing expert.

Ways A Locksmith Will Gain Access

With the many tricks and tools at their disposal, professional Safe Locksmith in Houston TX can crack any safe regardless of the technology it uses. There are some standard procedures that they make use of in most cases. (Important Note: please do not attempt any of the below techniques yourself). Dependent on safe type and model:

  • The most common of the procedures is to cut through the safe either through a special saw or a torch. While this is simple and straightforward it is not recommended as it can damage the safe and the objects inside it permanently.
  • Drilling is another technique and as long as a small hole is made to unlock the safe.
  • Using computerized devices to reset passwords for a modern type of electronic safes.
  • Using a locksmith borescope is a popular method as well which allows us, locksmiths, to get insight into the type of locking mechanism the safe is using.

Safe Locksmith In Houston Texas

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