Here at Alamo Key & Lock 77092 Houston TX most of our valued customers are repeat customers, and most of our new customers find us through word of mouth referrals. Because serving Houston Texas for over 35+ years has allowed us to build a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and the most competitive rates for all our locksmith (be it residential, auto, or commercial) services.

There is any number of instances that can occur in one daily life that will require assistance by a professional emergency locksmith. However, searching for a name from Google or an ill-advised internet advertisement may not serve you well, especially if you are looking at a costly door/lock/key repair situation. It helps to do research beforehand so that you are better prepared with the necessary contact details should the unfortunate event or need arise.

If you haven’t taken the time to keep a quality locksmith’s phone number on your smartphone contact list, you may find yourself becoming a victim of scams or un-professionals which will only increase your (your family or business property) risk now as well as in the future. Before we write on, here’s a phone number 713-884-3131 of a trusted Houston Locksmith for all emergencies, Alamo Key & Lock.

When It Comes To Security Its Better To Invest In Professional Locksmith Services

You may have had an instance where you were locked out, or one day you found that your door lock no longer works. Surely, if you are a handy person perhaps you may head out to Walmart for door locks section which may seem like a good option at the beginning. However, thieves also rely on less secure house doors and locks to gain unlawful entry. It is only in your best interest to re-evaluate your home/business security implementations. In all cases, spending that extra few dollars investing in professional mobile locksmiths in Houston TX will always work out cheaper in the long run.

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Competitively Priced Professional Emergency Locksmith In Houston Texas

The need for a professional emergency locksmith can arise at any point in time without prior warning. Established and well-known locksmith companies such as ours operate around the clock and seven days a week including on designated US holidays. What we need to remember also is the fact that even some other locksmith companies claiming to offer Emergency Locksmith Assistance, most do not truly understand what their customers want regarding Emergencies.

What Do Locksmiths For Emergencies Look Like?

Whether you’ve been locked out, can’t get into your car, or have some serious security concerns on your mind, a local locksmith with around-the-clock services should be able to help you out. That means, we never sleep when our valued customers need us. Need an emergency mobile locksmith at 4 am on Sunday? Call us because unlike others we won’t direct you to an answering machine, or overseas call center, you’ll speak directly with your local Houston Locksmith.

Did we mention that on countless occasions we were able to answer the concerns of fellow Houstonians and even provide locksmith advice over the phone to resolve basic lock/and/door issues (all without our valued customers incurring any locksmith service fees)? That’s the difference between Alamo Key & Lock, an honest customer-focused emergency locksmith in Houston Tx.

For Better Locksmiths Services in Houston

Remember that highly experienced emergency locksmiths have considerable experience in the field and can advise you about the locking systems, safes, overall house or business security. What we believe is more important are these 2 main factors

  • Customer Service
  • Locksmith Prices

Customer Service

To us, this isn’t a word or a concept. It’s our ability to be attentive, courteous, and above all else friendly. As a result, we adhere to the highest possible standards to satisfy each and every customer we serve. The truth is, at times some of our valued customers aren’t fully satisfied as others. Regardless of the reason, we believe it’s on us. We are proud to take full responsibility and do our best to re-gain the trust of all our valued customers. As a result, we’ve been able to continue serving our community in and around Houston for over 35+ years. We are always open to suggestions and feedback from you as well, simply do so here on our Google Business Listing

Ron was a great locksmith. He understood everything regarding my keypad installation and gave me tip on what to do if problems came later. He was awesome. I definitely recommend Alamo!!!

Locksmith Prices

We know what other locksmith companies in Houston charge. We must because it’s our business to stay competitive. As a result, we offer the most competitive rates and can beat any genuine quote for the same/similar locksmithing tasks. Furthermore, we offer discounts for our senior citizens and veterans in Houston TX as well as regularly offer other promotions. Perhaps other emergency locksmiths will do this same. But what they can’t / or / won’t do is offer flexible locksmith prices. With us, you’d be pleased to know that we strongly consider your specific requirements as we work to find solutions accordingly.

We understand the value of each dollar you’ll spend, therefore, work within your budget and we’ll make sure that we provide quality solutions that stand the test of time.

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Emergency locksmiths also invest in the most updated tools and modern equipment as they are called upon to solve issues quickly and with a great deal of competence. Furthermore, modern equipment also saves time, for example, if you get locked out of your car on a dreary road in the middle of nowhere you can rely on our solutions as we come to you quickly with a fully equipped locksmith van.

Emergency Locksmiths Can Prove Handy

  • Qualified locksmiths are professional to call on when you get locked out of your house, especially if this happens in the middle of the night. You may have left the keys inside or you may have lost the keys while you were out and don’t have a spare. Or any number of other inconvenient incidences may require you to call an emergency locksmith.
  • If you are moving into a new Houston property and want to have locks changed rapidly, then emergency commercial locksmiths can save the day. You should also act quickly if you feel your locks have been tampered with in any way shape or form. Or there has been an unauthorized attempt to gain entry to your home or business property in TX.
  • Transponder keys or key fobs can get lost or damaged with time, and without them, access to your car is almost impossible. Whether you’re out on the road or in your own home, an emergency locksmith can really sort car lockout issues for you by regaining entry to your vehicle, or by reprogramming transponder keys or replacing broken ones.
  • In case you are using smart security systems such as biometric locks and entry pads, an emergency locksmith can help you with settings or replacements if your system has been damaged or compromised in any way.

Looking for advice? Got locked out? Broken key? Lock needs changing? With over 35+ years serving Houston TX offering Locksmithing solutions we are family owned and operated ready 24/7 for Houston and surrounding locations. Here at Alamo Key & Lock, we are known for prompt arrival, competitive locksmith pricing, and great customer service. We are ready waiting to serve you as well

Better Customer Service + Better Locksmiths

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