When summertime comes, most of us in Houston TX start thinking about a well deserved holiday, whether we want to take our children to explore the Houston Museum of Natural Science so that they can become more knowledgeable, or whether we want to travel to some exotic destination with our soul mate to just relax to abandon the weight of hard work placed on us due to modern living.

Whatever the case may be, traveling nearby or far means that you would take a lot of personal possessions with you, and also, you are leaving your home (and or business if you own one in TX) susceptible, vulnerable and unattended. Thus, many people get caught in the trap of burglars. Recently, Houston Police have arrested seven suspects with ties to a burglary ring that targeted homes in River Oaks, as well as homes in Brazoria, CypressGalveston, and Fort Bend counties in TEXAS, investigators said.

That is right, enjoying your holidays also means that you take all precautionary measures to prevent burglars from entering your home, as we’ve outlined easy-to-use methods here: Top 3 Home Security Tips By A Master Locksmith. But here comes another very important thing – Your Luggage.

So You Got A Lock For Your Luggage

You already got a luggage lock? Yet, do you know how reliable it is? Because luggage without a lock, or with a lock that is too basic can be seen by opportunistic thieve a mile away.

TSA Locks Are A Big No No

TSA locks are so easy to shatter. You just need a pair of pliers. Relying on these types of locks would mean you want to dare the devil. The only benefit of the TSA lock, which makes them so popular, is you won’t have to break it before using the TSA. However, measuring the pros and cons – would you consider using it at all just because of the breaking part and risk getting robbed, while on vacation? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

Remember! Even The Most Durable Locks Can’t Withstand The Pressure

Almost everything we said above applies to all types of luggage locks. It takes just a little bit of pressure and force, and any thief can easily open any type of suitcase. Not to mention the criminal luggage spotters at the airport who know which locks are easier to break.

Luggage Zippers

If you thought putting a luggage lock in order to secure luggage zippers would protect your items, we must say that is an honest mistake of logic. Because a simple ballpoint pen is more than enough for a skilled thief to puncture through the zipper and open the luggage. We kindly suggest to you ‘Please, ignore the regular zippers’, as the risk of relying on them exclusively is just too high. You certainly don’t want to go for a holiday just to return the day after.

If you own a hardshell case, you probably noticed a hasp on it. Hasps are a great way of securing the content inside your luggage.

Choose A Luggage Wisely

Hardshell cases provide a higher level of luggage protection, so you should maybe go for this option if you are traveling by your car, yet, sometimes not even hasps can be enough. Having criminals in mind, you know they usually possess sharp objects. If it is impossible to break through the zipper, they will cut through the bag. Invest in good luggage if you want to be totally carefree on your holiday.

What Happens With The In-Built Locks?

Manufacturers will try to convince you that the in-built locks will sufficiently secure your luggage. Don’t fall for this, as the most common in-built luggage locks are usually made of poor metal and materials and are easy to break. This means, your luggage’s security may depend on the material from which the lock is made.

Why would you even think about this when there are so many other things to do to prepare for the holiday you are about to embark on? There is no need to worry, as we are here to protect your luggage and your valuables with the most secure locks on the market. Simply call 713-688-3887 Alamo Key & Lock expert locksmiths in Houston as we can advise you on getting better locks and security for your home, business and luggage.

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