Holiday homes and properties need effective security mechanisms just as much as any residence. They may be more susceptible to burglary, unlawful entry, and vandalism because they are not frequented often and may appear ‘empty’ or abandoned. Many vacation homeowners worry about the belongings that they leave behind every year, here are some locksmith-approved security measures to employ to better protect your property.

Fake Your Presence

Research has shown that vacation home or cottage break-ins largely occur because the property looks abandoned, or it looks like it hasn’t been frequented in a while. The idea is to make the property appear occupied as much as possible. Today smart technology for homes makes that possible because now you can light your fireplace or control all the light bulbs on the premises remotely. Many homeowners prefer to automate lights turning on in upstairs bedrooms for example (through an app) so that potential trespassers will think someone is in the house.

Smart technology can also turn the TV on and off, or play music out loud at certain times as programmed, this again makes the property appear inhabited. Smart security systems from security companies are also a worthwhile long-term investment because they have trained personnel that can reach the site very quickly even when a window alarm is triggered. Having a prominently visible sign outside the house such as ‘Protected By’ and then writing the name of the security company is also very effective in deterring would-be burglars.

Lock Up Tight

Vacation homes are usually built more to be aesthetically pleasing than security-oriented. For that reason, vacation homes will tend to have larger windows, more doors, and a generally open plan. This may make the vacation more agreeable or allow the surrounding scenery to be more visible, but this can also be a security hazard. Before you leave your vacation home to come back to Houston TX (or when you are there during the night), make sure to lock up the place tightly and not leave matters up to chance.

Depending on your budget, consider investing in good deadbolt locks or even smart locks like biometric or PIN number locks, and when possible, install cameras and alarm systems on the property. Do not neglect little-used areas like garages or basements, as they can absolutely be used to gain access such as through a basement window for example. If you store expensive equipment or a boat in an external barn or garage, make sure it doesn’t attract attention from the outside, and is similarly, securely locked with a lock that is hard to break or bypass.

A Buddy System

Did you know that recreational divers must use a buddy system? Because if one of the divers gets into trouble s/he has someone to assist. While vacation home security systems are great options you can also have a buddy back up. This means that you enlist the help of a nearby friend or neighbor who can pop by your vacation home every now and then to check up on things. If their home is directly next to you for example, you can even share the cost of a subscription from a security company or share a video surveillance system with them. Even simple things like someone walking in the garden at your vacation home can deter a burglar or trespasser.

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