Unfortunately, around Houston neighborhoods, home invasions are on the rise, and it’s a disturbing crime. Upon analysis by relevant authorities, it has been found that in many if not most cases, a member of the household is present during the break-in. This means that inefficient home security measures particularly not paying attention to better lock systems means that a member of your family could be put in danger along with loss and damage to property and valuables.

In all cases, prevention is the most important and significant consideration to take into account, this is where professional locksmith expertise and quality security systems can provide the outcomes you need. Many of the below-mentioned protocols can be followed for better securing your Houston home even if you are on a limited budget.

Be Proactive Regarding Home Security

A large part of intruder prevention is having the right details easily accessible. Save Houston Police Department 713-837-0311 and other security company numbers and have ready nearby, and make them easily visible in your house as well as on smartphones. Having a locksmith’s number 713-688-3887 on your speed dial is also very useful if you have some indication that your security system or locks have been compromised.

In many cases, the burglars and criminals being idiots will stake out the house days in advance to work out the timings and activities of the homeowners. This will also include them thoroughly researching the type of security measures your house has in place and type of locks your house has installed and other entry points such as windows and garages you have in residential property. How to pick locks and disarm security systems is what they are concerned with for gaining entry.

Other entryways no matter how discreet are also a liability such as attic or basement windows or cat and dog doors. At the end of the day, being proactive means that you consider unfortunate events before they occur so that you can take precautions to ensure a higher degree of safety. You can contact a local locksmith or our locksmith company in Houston TX to help you identify and tie up any loose ends around your property, especially if you are planning on a vacation or going away on a short trip leaving your home exposed to burglary.

Many established locksmith companies in Houston Texas have 24-hour emergency services as well as partnerships with reputable security companies which is why talking with a licensed locksmith is a great way to keep your property safer. Your efforts should first begin with a thorough security audit triple-checking existing security systems, locks, and doors installed at the property. Advice from authorities and our experience serving our Houston customers tells us that being proactive in prevention is the first line of defense stopping thieves even thinking about gaining entry.

Landscaping And Design Consideration

Although lovely, gardening and having green plants around your property provide great benefits. Scent-filled flowers blooming during the season and added privacy plants around the property provides needs to be re-thought as to where you plant them. Basically, using tall fences and tall plants for privacy can act as a doubled edge sword. On one hand, you get increased privacy, and on the other thieves rely on hiding.

front porch of a house

In order to make your home less attractive to potential burglars, you need to minimize access to places where they can be less visible and hide.

This means trimming foliage and even transferring some plants if they are nearby entry points. You should also double-check sheds are adequately locked and that windows and trap doors are taken care of.

If you are building or renovating a home, then consider aluminum windows as opposed to wood ones. As any locksmith will tell you aged window frames made of wood can easily be broken into. Furthermore, make sure a sturdy locking system accompanies the windows.

Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Your Home Being Burgled

  • Having signs such as ‘dangerous dog inside’ and placing a dog bowl near the entrance door clearly visible can also act as a deterrent even if you do not have a dog as a pet companion
  • Install an alarm system and surveillance cameras
  • Trick the would be thieved by creating an illusion setting indoor and outdoor lights on a timer
  • Make sure large plants are well-trimmed. As well as plants or shrubs are removed from near entry points
  • Purchased an item that came in large packaging? Make sure to not leave empty packages outside as it can invite thieves
  • Don’t tell the world about your holiday plans especially on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter
  • ‘Spare key under the pot or rock’ needs to stop being the Usual Suspects
  • Be at home when you’re not. Most burglaries including the ones in Houston TX happen during the day. There are many techniques to trick the thieves into thinking someone is home. For example: purchasing an old car for a couple of hundreds of dollars and leaving it at the driveway at all times. Or get a family member visiting randomly even once a week on different days

Speak With Houston’s Trusted Locksmiths For Installing & Upgrading Home Security

It is important to remember that burglars want to encounter the least resistance possible whether that is circumstantial or through security systems.

Having measures in place to make it hard for a burglar to infiltrate is the first line of defense for you and your family. Our homes are our private spaces where we must at all times feel safe, and as unfortunate as it is, burglars and criminals are also in Houston Texas.

It is just smart to speak with a locksmith for improving home security, although the name suggests locksmith (one who practices locksmithing), today, what we can offer you is much more than just changing locks.

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