It’s all exciting, new neighborhood, new neighbors, and perhaps a new lease of life moving into a new home. Surely, money is important for everyone and we would rather save some particularly when moving into a new home, after all, there is much to do once we fully occupy the new residence. However, most people, including Houstonians often do not even consider changing locks on their new premises. This is just a bad idea particularly if the home has been purchased from another occupant/s. Who is to say the character of the previous owners is decent and honest? And who knows who else has the keys to your home your kingdom.

Many homeowners do not consider locks when they are moving in as they are too caught up with other concerns. Don’t let that be you.

While practically speaking, when the key may have been handed over to you, there is still no guarantee that others do not have access or that the property (house or apartment) hasn’t been eyed for attempted burglary or trespass. As a new occupant, you must undertake as many precautions as possible for your own and your family’s safety. And this includes the first line of defense (doors, keys, and overall security).

Security Matters More Than Furniture

No new homeowner can ever be seen obsessing over the security of all the entryways in the house, instead, they may be more concerned with furniture and fixtures and other aspects of beautification. You need to do a thorough check-up of the property, preferably with the help of a professional locksmith in Houston TX to evaluate the security of all the possible entryways as well as identify possible flaws in the structure (such as door and window frames).

Start with the front and back door and all major windows and evaluate the locks installed. If you have a limited budget, consider getting the locks rekeyed otherwise you’d be better off replacing keys entirely with something that is more sturdy such as deadlocks. Most homeowners do not know the fact that the older a physical lock is, the easier it is to break or break-in-to.

If the property you have purchased was in use for a very long time before you moved in, realize that the locks may look good from the outside, but might be very easy for a burglar to gain access. This is because many locks undergo wear and tear over time just as any other product with moving parts.

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Try New Keying Systems

Depending on your Alamo Key & Lock locksmith’s advice about the best solutions according to your budget and security needs, you can try out new keying systems or a different overall security system entirely.

While rekeying house locks is the bare minimum to consider when you move into a new property, you may also want a more comprehensive security system such as smart alarms, cameras, biometric locks, and keypads at entryways and the like, especially if the safety of the house is something that is of utmost importance for you. Remember that 2021 is just around the corner, which means, today’s home security market is filled with options and technological gadgets that increase home security with ease and are cost-effective compared to a few years ago.

Plan S For Safe & Safety

While it is hard to entertain the thought of a burglar entering your property, you need to have steps in place in the unfortunate event that this occurs. We would strongly advise you to keep cash in the bank, and valuables away in secure bank safety deposit boxes. However, if you must keep valuables in your Houston home, always keep them in a safe preferably hidden well from sight. Installing an alarm that connects to the nearby police station (or security company) is also a bonus or at the very least keep such numbers ready on your mobile phone.

We strongly advise all our valued customers in Houston Texas to never use cabinets/drawers with locks to store valuable items such as gold jewelry numismatics as burglars tend to destroy and check them first. Our professional and licensed locksmiths at Alamo Key & Lock can recommend and install all types of Safes and Vaults in your Houston home or business property. Simply get in touch with our friendly team to learn how we can contribute towards better securing your home in Houston through our professional and cost-effective locksmith services.
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