Smart doorbells are fast becoming very popular due to the convenience and added layer of security they offer for Houston homes and businesses. Houstonians that are wary of spending a lot of money on an access control systems find that smart doorbells offer a taste of those advantages on a much more reasonable and affordable budget.

Added Layer Of Security

At first glance, a smart doorbell may seem like it has no impact on security but this is only because they are relatively new for most consumers who are not well informed of their benefits. Not only does the homeowner not need to get up and look through old-fashioned peepholes or open the door to see who is there, but smart doorbells are also a wonderful entryway into smarter security.

Furthermore, a smart doorbell can be used in conjunction with other security measures such as cameras, deadlocks, and or smart locks.

Deterrent Is A Smart Security Measure

It can be a tricky business to deter a burglar as they are likely to be well-versed in all the tricks of breaking into locks, but using a smart doorbell can give the impression that the house is equipped with potential alarms and cameras. This means that any burglar will think twice before attempting to break in.

A smart doorbell is also a good option for people that feel threatened or stalked as it can allow them to see who is outside the property without opening the door, as a result, this gives them the opportunity to call 911 emergency should need be.

Furthermore, most current models come equipped with recording options with Video Doorbell, the only downside would be the extra expenditure is required to install cameras elsewhere at other entry points to give you overall security. However, keep in mind that using just a video doorbell on its own can still confuse an outsider who may easily make the assumption that there are cameras watching all angles of the house or business even if that is not the case. All this naturally translates into a higher level of security and peace of mind.

Possible Police Evidence For Catching Burglaries

Unfortunate as it sounds, burglaries and break-ins are on the rise in Houston Texas. Our Houston community support services such as Houston TX Police Department recommend using better security measures for all homes and businesses in Houston TX. Hiring a qualified and professional locksmith in Houston TX who can provide overall security audits for your home or business is a great idea to make sure that you (your home, family or business) is better protected by using better locking systems such as smart locks and deadlocks amongst other security options.

A smart doorbell also has a specific advantage of being able to record video footage which is why a break-in or a security breach can become a bit easier to tackle especially when it concerns giving the police as much evidence as you can muster to catch the culprit/s. Facial recognition as well as other details can become manifest in a recorded video and can help the police find whoever broke in much easier.

Controlling Who Enters

There are at times people that we want to avoid seeing especially if we are having a day off from work and just want to relax. Having a smart doorbell means you can pretend you are not at home and successfully (and surely respectfully) avoid the people that you want to avoid. Especially useful when you want to not waste time with door-to-door salespeople, a smart doorbell is a useful way in many different situations.

A smart doorbell is also a handy tool for people who work from home as they can go about their business without being disturbed by ringing doorbells from random visitors.

Saving On Insurance Costs

Since smart doorbells and related technology offer an extra layer of security, insurance companies are typically keen to offer added protection and better insurance coverage packages to homeowners (or businesses) in Houston TX that use such security measures. A small investment like a smart doorbell means that you can get a better insurance deal and all its related advantages.

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