When it comes to lock systems for a variety of reasons be it for apartment buildings, condos, office buildings, or other places where many people need access without much hassle, it can seem all a bit complicated especially for newly hired employees or managers. Luckily Maison Key System comes highly recommended by professional locksmiths who routinely design security systems, particularly for commercial buildings.

A Maison key system is a keying system that permits a lock to be opened with a number of unique, individual keys. Maison key systems are often found in apartment building common areas, such as main entrance or a laundry room where individual residents can use their own apartment key to access these areas.

Maison key system can be thought of as a hybrid of master key systems and card entry systems. What a Maison key system does is grant access to any number of keys that are registered or created within that particular system. This means that whichever individual has a Maison key has essentially a master key but not an exact replica.

Each Maison key has its own signature and is not the same as any other, even though it operates within the same system. Because depending on the system requirements, one major drawback of master key systems for securing an office for example is that only one (or more) person would have ultimate access, and a much more comprehensive oftentimes expensive biometric or card swipe smart lock system would need to be implemented to grant entry access for many people. And since a Maison Key System typically has one overarching master key reserved for the owner allowing independent and better control of access.

What A Maison Key System Offers

  • While now there is a range of lock systems that are viable for apartment buildings or condos, a Maison key system is widely preferred by customers since it is simple to operate and maintain and doesn’t require training or expensive maintenance as a biometric or another smart system would. Repairing and maintenance (if or whenever needed) are inexpensive and these key systems can work for many years before requiring a checkup or replacement. They are also hard to damage with continued, regular use although, of course, a forced break-in is another matter.
  • The convenience factor cannot be overlooked in a Maison Lock System. Designated keys can be given to residents or employees (depending on the building) and then only those with these keys will be able to gain access. There is a possibility that others may gain access if the key is stolen or misplaced. This can be partly overcome by making sure the restricted areas have different locks and only certain communal areas have a key inside the Maison design. In the case of residents, their Maison key may just be for the main building door with individual keys for their own apartment units.
  • Maison key system is definitely cheaper than other commercial options making them immensely popular especially when the budget has constraints. Not only do they rarely require maintenance, but they also do not run on electricity, e.g. such as smart systems normally would. The multipurpose keys make everyone’s life easier as there is no need to issue and keep track of codes, cards, and other data.

Maison key system offers the best value for money and is great for larger spaces such as gyms where it would be counterintuitive to impose a high level of security and spend a lot of dollars. These types of key systems are also easier to install on buildings by professional and licensed locksmiths, which means, it can be up and operating in quicker time frames. As with all locksmithing questions you may have, speaking with experienced locksmiths such as Alamo Key & Lock if you are located in Houston Texas USA, or others nearby your neighborhood is a great start to improve your home and business security.

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