Safety and security whether at home or in an office building are of utmost importance to most people especially if they are the owners and responsible for the well-being of the people that live or work inside these places. Master key systems are one of the commonly used security systems to make sure no one is exploiting the loopholes in your property’s security to gain unwanted access.

A master key system operates on the premise that different keys either one of the ones controlled by a master key can be used for a multitude of locations enabling extra security to be added on wherever required such as in restricted areas. This not only puts centralized control in one person’s hands (namely the owner) it also lessens the keys that are generally in circulation so that there are fewer chances of them falling into the wrong hands.

In the long term, this works well for businesses as well as homeowners since it reduces the cost that would otherwise need to be borne if locks were continually being rekeyed. Furthermore, installing and using master keys, means less money needs to be spent on other types of security and that during crisis situations it is easier for the owner to take charge.

How Master Key Systems Work

Most master key systems are made up of pin tumbler-type locks. The right key makes the pin rise till they meet the right setting which makes the lock open.

Pin Tumbler Lock

Key pins and driver pins are the components of a master key system lock with the addition of a master pin which overrides the two other types making the lock unbreakable for the most part.

There is usually a change key and a master key with the former being more popular for multiple door access control. The number of master wafers in this pin tumbler directly determines the number of keys that can be used to unlock this lock.

The Kinds Of Master Key Systems

There are a few different types of master key systems you can install, and here is an overview of the most common and popular ones.

  • Temporary construction keying is a type of master key that is for a specified job or time period. The construction cylinders inside the lock respond to certain keys (given to employees for example) but once these cylinders are taken out and replaced with final cylinders then the previous keys will no longer work on them. These are perfect for convenience as well as security purposes.
  • A grandmaster system means that regardless of the door or section of the house or building, only a single master key can open any lock.
  • A master keyed system is similar but there are often change keys in this system so that the master key holder can rekey the lock if need be, and make entry or unauthorized access even more difficult.
  • Maison keyed systems are used for group or shared spaces as it provides many keys to one lock. Doors are assigned to be opened with a certain key and its duplicates. This key lock system allows any lock to be opened by any number of keys. Maison key system isn’t used for security purposes per se but rather simplicity and ease of maintenance

Use Stronger Locks & Master Key Systems

As far as locks available in today’s market, there are plenty of choices. That means, not all locks are created equal. Some break easily with certain tools. And some are just long-lasting and provide a higher level of security. Considering upgrading the locking systems on your commercial or residential property is a great idea because upgrading locks is the least expensive option for improving the security of any property.

There are various different ways to increase security and better control access to a building, as a result, it’s best to get professional answers from a licensed locksmith. We here at Alamo Key & Lock locksmiths located in Houston Texas are always ready to answer all your lock, key, and security questions. Need a locksmith for emergencies? We’re available 24 Hours 7 Days a week for all our valued customers in TX.

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