Seriously, when you are thinking of changing locks, do take your time to gain insights from a master locksmith. We often get asked ‘which is the best door locks brand in the USA’ or ‘what is the best door locks for my home security. Here at Alamo Key & Lock, although we would love to answer these types of questions with a quick answer, we basically can not due to many critical factors. One is the importance of security of your home and or office premises. Let us explain:

Which do you prefer? Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Microsoft or Apple. McDonald’s Big Mac or Burger King’s Whopper. The locksmith industry is no different regarding choosing the best locks for our valued customer’s home or office. Meaning, just like all other locksmiths in TX, we too have choices regarding which type of and or brand of locks we can use when installing new door locks or safes.

In this blog post, we are going to briefly look at 2 well-known brands of locks manufacturers, since we live in Houston Texas USA, let us start with

Master Lock

Master Lock is an American company founded in 1921 by traveling locksmith inventor Harry E. Soref who also invented the master skeleton key famed for opening almost every kind of lock. Master Lock is a trusted name in the US locksmith industry, and they are known for developing innovative and unique designs over the last century. The company has undergone several changes since its founding almost a century ago, today Master Lock Company LLC is owned by Fortune Brands Home & Security

‘Fortune Brands’ is a home and security products company built on industry-leading brands and innovative cabinetry, plumbing, door, and security products.

They are also known for developing a new line of battery-operated padlocks known as dialSpeed which allows you to set your own lock combination, and comes with a replaceable battery. Master Lock is one of the largest producers of padlocks in the world and produces a wide range of locks and safes.

ABUS Locks

ABUS Locks is a family-owned German company that was founded in 1924 in Wetter (Ruhr). ABUS traditionally made padlocks but now has branched into other areas over the last few decades.

Today, ABUS makes cutting-edge smoke alarms, alarm systems, bike, and boat security products, video surveillance security systems, electronic locking systems, and switching devices. Although more well known in Europe, ABUS is also considered a market leader in padlocks, and bike locks globally.

The company operates several production facilities in Germany in addition to more than 20 foreign branches in the United States, Europe, and of course now China. ABUS is known for its emphasis on long-lasting and easy-to-use padlocks, and the company has also adopted this approach in other security products manufactured by them.

ABUS has a larger set of products as the company, makes everything related to home security including the following:

  • Padlocks
  • Door Security
  • Window Security
  • Video Surveillance
  • Bike Locks
  • Fire Protection
  • Access Control
  • Alarm Systems
  • Locking Systems

They also provide specialized products for offices, warehouses, and commercial establishments. Master Lock, on the other hand, is better known for high-quality padlocks and safe locksmithing.

Looking For Best House Locks To Buy?

We believe and also feel that the security of your home is important for you. That is why, when it comes to choosing the best house locks, be it Master Lock, ABUS, or other well-known brands, it is best to consider your specific needs and choose accordingly. Because the decision to better secure your home will depend on many important factors. For example: what is the door made out of (wood or metal). Do you want to better secure your front-door or back-door or all doors in your home?

Above all else, we at Alamo Key & Lock locksmith services in TX always analyze our customer’s requirements and then provide affordable solutions that don’t take shortcuts when it comes to choosing quality parts and locks.

Unlike some other locksmiths in Texas, Alamo Key & Lock locksmith service in Houston always uses top quality locks that meets US standards.

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