Choosing the right type of lock for your doors is a decision that requires considering many important factors such as which Houston neighborhood you live in, the level of security required, the budget you currently want to spend amongst other things. Regardless, the front door has a great deal of physical and symbolic importance as it signifies the main entryway into your home, your castle.

Having knowledge of the kind of locks on the market and the purposes they serve can go a long way in helping you decide the best option for you. Professional Houston locksmiths can also be hired to provide advice along with installations. When you call Alamo Key & Lock 713-688-3887 you’ll speak directly with a qualified and experienced locksmith in Houston TX

The Ole Pin And Tumbler

This pin and tumbler lock is the most standard lock you can purchase for your home and is, unfortunately, the easiest to pick as it is made up of a number of pins that fit into a cylinder. These types of locks are suitable for apartments as apartments already have building security measures, but if you have concerns you should look into deadbolts or other lock types for your residential or commercial property.

Tubular Locks

These types of locks also fall in the more conventional spectrum and are amongst the commonest types of locks that locksmiths fix and install. They are also quite cost-effective as opposed to smart locks for example which require an accompanying security system. Tubular locks often open and close with a twist or a push-button and are used for doors inside business buildings as well.


Steel deadbolt locks are incredibly hard to break into and are often reinforced into the door and more security-conscious owners can use double deadbolts on their front doors. Deadbolts are famous for being time-consuming to crack into as drills, pins and other conventional tools do not really work on them.

The Side-Locking Bar

This is a very common type of locking mechanism used in most houses and can also in some cases be combined with a smart security system. Therefore they are highly effective if used under the right circumstances.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the best system out there for people who are concerned about their security and want a top-of-the-line solution. Smart locks can connect to mobile devices so you can lock and or unlock your house even if you are out of town.

It is an especially excellent solution for friends, family, a housekeeper, or anyone else that you may want to provide access to the house while you are not there. Smart locks can also be combined with smart doorbells that show you who is outside without disclosing your presence or you needing to open the front door.

Smart locks also come equipped with light sensors and cameras in most cases so videos and pictures can be used as evidence against break-ins or in other such unfortunate occurrences. Smart locks are also very hard to break into and would be very time-consuming even for people who know how to do it so burglars usually avoid houses with such systems installed. This is large because of not just the greater chance of exposure or being recorded on video but also because alarms that connect to a security company or the police can easily be triggered in the event of a break-in.

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