Card reader security systems are commonly utilized for a range of commercial buildings and anywhere where access control needs to be practiced, even in places like hospital clinics, hotel rooms, apartments and homes in Houston TX.

Before using card readers for access control and security management, we must first understand the requirements of your security needs, the level, and cost-effectiveness of such systems so that your security requirements are fully met.

Determining Card Reader Applicability

Every building, business, or homeowner is not well-suited to install a card reader system, your local Houston TX locksmiths can answer all your questions when unsure. Also, there are a few considerations to note before making the financial investment installing such functionality.

  • Determine whether your company has the resources to manually supervise (for example at different appointed times of the day who has entered or left the building). A card reader lock system is not fool-proof as anyone in possession of the relevant and applicable card can in theory gain access to the building. It is worthwhile to note that an accompanying detection system has its own financial implications which a newer business may not be willing to take on.
  • A card reader system is valuable for businesses that are extremely keen on holding people accountable. Each card swiped at entry points enters data into the system allowing the organization to keep track of movements.

Making Card Reader Systems Work Harder

A card reader system is not a cure-all for all your security woes, but if you are not investing in any other security management systems, here are some ways you can get the most out of your security system. Remember to always consult your professional TX locksmith before purchasing or installing smart security systems as self-installation may mean you miss out on some essential features that can influence and may compromise your security. Consider these:

  • Create an audit so that management or any other authorized personnel can retrieve data about who has been coming and going from the building. This includes being able to email a list or get a printout for evaluation.
  • Cards should have dates by which they become invalid so that person needs to have a new one issued after verifying their identity. This can keep old cards and possession in check so that lost or discarded cards are not used at entry points. A reporting mechanism by which an employee (or management) can report if he or she has lost a card will also ensure efficiency and overall security.
  • Elevators and other doors can also be made time-sensitive (consult your local trusted locksmith about this feature and which system you can buy that allows this option). Time sensitivity in this regard means that after certain work hours the card will no longer work on the card reader.
  • Entry to selected areas or parking lot can also be made ‘closed off’ during certain times of the day to increase security.
  • Having visitor cards is a good way to have entrance cards that expire very quickly, as in single-use visitor cards.

What Information The Card Contains

The card contains most of the information that would be found on any employee company-issued identification card. The details will range anywhere from person name, department, position, date of birth, and the conditions that govern the use of that card amongst others.

Types Of Card Readers

There are many different types of card readers such as Intelligent Readers, Biometric Readers, Portable Readers, locks including wireless and offline locks that require card readers to gain entry, HID Proximity, and smartcard technology (working on 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz ranges according to ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC 7816 standards) (including DESFire, Mifare, HID iClass, and PicoPass). Meaning, when considering using card readers for your business security, its wise to contact your professional locksmiths in Texas Houston for all your locksmithing needs as we are always ready to serve all our valued customers by answering all your questions.

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