A valued customer of ours “All My Son’s Trucking company” in TX called us after one of their drivers locked his keys in his 18-wheeler truck. See? You’re not the only one who locks their keys in their car! Even professional truck drivers do it! All My Son’s Trucking Company is a Houston-area business that provides excellent moving and storage services around Houston Texas

Our mobile locksmith and owner of Alamo Key & Lock, Ron, got to the locked truck within the hour.

Fifteen minutes later the truck was open and the driver could go wherever he needed in town. How did our locksmith get back into the truck without a key?


First of all, here is what NOT to do:

  1. Do not try to open the key with a screwdriver. Yes, we have seen people try to open their truck door with screwdrivers and all they end up doing is scratching the door.
  2. Do not use a coat hanger to unlock the door. Although you may be able to get the hooked end of a coat hanger through a crack in the window, you’ll very likely scratch up the window or the interior of the door from the metal coat hanger.

A professional locksmith has a number of ways to open a locked truck when the keys are inside. The most important factor while doing so is these locksmithing techniques do not damage the truck. If you’ve never opened a truck door before and do not have the proper tools, we highly recommend you do not try to open your truck door by yourself. For an obvious reason being you can damage the door itself, the window, or the locking mechanism. A professional locksmith has the training and right locksmithing tools to do the job without causing any issues to the vehicle.


  1. Use an air wedge to safely create space between the truck door and window weather stripping. Once you’ve got enough space between the weather stripping and the truck door, you can use entry tools for the next step in the process.
  2. Insert a long-arm entry tool into the gap between the truck door and weather stripping. Maneuver the hook of the arm into the locking mechanism. Release the locking mechanism by either pulling up on the mechanism or pressing down, depending on the setup of your mechanism.

There are many kinds of long-arm entry tools to unhook the manual locking mechanism for a vehicle. In general, these tools have a long bendable rod, 4-5 feet long, a handle for you to get a better grip on the tool, and a hook that catches the door locking mechanism. In order to get back inside your truck yourself, you’ll need at least these tools: the air pump wedge and a long-arm entry tool. These tools are worth buying to have on hand if you plan to attempt to get back in your truck yourself rather than getting the service of a professional locksmith. However, to ensure that you can always get back inside your truck and never leave any damage on the truck’s door or window, call the professionals at Alamo Key & Lock.


If you’ve locked your keys in your truck, don’t worry! A professional locksmith from Alamo Key & Lock can come to your truck within the hour and get you back inside with our 24-hour Emergency Response Locksmith solutions in Houston. Call 713-688-3887Contact Alamo Key and Lock Locksmiths

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