Rekeying locks is a legitimate concern for all manner of property owners whether they are renting out their Houston TX business or their residential premises, or even overly concerned about their own security and peace of mind.

Usually, rekeying locks is a preventative measure when the premises is changed hands or when a brand new property is built and doors installed.

If these be physical locks, rekeying becomes something of a necessity to ensure better security, and your professional Houston locksmiths can guide you about new lock models available on the market which can serve your specific requirements better. For Houston’s warehouses or commercial buildings holding valuable goods, it may be more worthwhile to opt for smart security, biometric systems, or other access-control systems. Deadlocks when installed by a professional locksmith are also a considerable deterrent for would-be thieves.

Rekeying General Locks

Unless you are a handyman who is familiar with odd jobs around the house, it may seem simple to rekey general locks, however, changing locks is a job best left to someone who knows what they are doing, and professional locksmiths can often purchase locks themselves and install them instead of you having to go out to buy after doing lots of research.

General locks are rekeyed by dismantling the lock structure namely by removing pins and springs found in the main cylinder. Once these are changed up by another set of pins, the lock will require a new key in order to be operational.

Many people are under the impression that a lock loses its viability each time it is rekeyed. This is not true. If the re_keying process is done by an experienced locksmith who uses good quality tools as well as good quality pins and springs and applies no unnecessary force, the lock will function as well as new.

Locks That Are Important To Rekey

All entry points such as front doors, back doors, side doors should be rekeyed as soon as you move into a new house or a new building for your business in Houston Texas. This is because its not possible to confirm how many people previously had access to the main locks. Locks of storage rooms, cabinets, and other important sections with doors should also be rekeyed especially if you are going to use them for storing something valuable such as important files.

If you are renting or buying a business premise, then the locks of the main office definitely need to be changed for added security.

Benefits Of Rekeying

While many Houstonians may view rekeying option as an extra expense of setting up a business or moving into a new house, it can save you from great loss should someone attempt a robbery. Rekeying locks also means that you do not have to do the far costlier installation of brand new locks entirely as that would mean additional fees, longer hours, and wasting current locks.

As mentioned above, removing old locks entirely and installing new ones in their place can take hours if not days but rekeying only takes several minutes per lock. Since some Houston TX Locksmiths charge by the hour and if you too are paying your locksmith by the hour, this will definitely be good news.

The Master Key

Many small business owners prefer the convenience of a master key so that they can go in and out of the property without having to carry a bunch of keys. As long as the brand of the lock is the same as the one it is being rekeyed with, you should have no problems.

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