When you move into a new house or business property, it’s no doubt exciting, but being a human living in modern times, a natural question that always arises as to whether to utilize the old keys and security systems or, install new ones for better security and peace of mind. Even if the home or commercial property does not have advanced security measures, the conundrum may simply boil down to whether or not to change the locks or at least to get them all rekeyed professionally.

And another concern surely is budget, we here at Alamo Key & Lock Houston’s local locksmiths understand this and thus want to share useful insights with Houstonians about rekeying and lock installations.

What Is Rekeying

When a lock is taken apart and changed so that the previous key no longer works a new one will. Rekeying means swapping out the constituent components of a lock such as a cylinder, lock pins, and other components. Generally, most lock types can be rekeyed unless of course it’s damaged or if it’s too old.

Why Rekey House Locks?

Because it’s your property, you are the owner now, and critically, you want total control as to who can gain entry to your property. And most importantly privacy and security are important for you and your family.

The previous owner may not have been a criminal but it is always a risk as you can’t be sure who exactly has/had access to the premises before you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Other than the budget concerns there are a few considerations you can use as a checklist to determine which course of action will suit you personally.

  • If you are renting out an apartment or a house and if this is only for a fixed time period it is usually safe to go without swapping locks and it can be adequate simply to rekey the existing locks. Many people however do not even do the latter especially if the building has its own security or surveillance system in place. Remember, an apartment building’s security is ultimately is for the entire apartment, and yet, your unit requires a different security measure starting with locks and keys.
  • Re-key-ing is also much cheaper for obvious reasons than changing out the locks entirely so this depends on the budget you can muster after you move into your new Houston residence. Once again, keep in mind that new keys that only you possess ensure previous owners can not just walk into your property.
  • Rekeying is also more time-saving as locks need to be bought and fitted while a good Houston Texas locksmith can rekey a lock in a few minutes for simple rekeying or a couple of hours for the entire property with many different locks.
  • Rekeying house locks can work out to be a fraction of a cost compared to installing new locking systems.

The Reasoning Behind Rekeying Or Reinstallations

The decision to either rekey the locks in a home or install new locks entirely is motivated by a number of key factors involving the existing security and also the safety of the neighborhood you live in Houston TX. Many Houstonians rekey their homes once a year simply as a matter of principle and maintenance, and also to make it harder for their houses to be broken into. Regular maintenance of locks and keys is a recommended practice for all homeowners by professional Houston locksmiths.

Locks Are Very Much Like Any Other Piece Of Machinery

Locks when used frequently, or over time can get too old and can become easier to pick or break entirely with certain tools. Locks also have a tendency to become ‘sticky’ which is when they become susceptible to environmental conditions such as heat or humidity. This can make it hard to lock and unlock the lock. In such cases, the best thing to do is to replace the lock with a newer durable model even if repairs are sometimes possible.

When It Comes To Property Security Its Better To Be Ready

When property owners move into a new home or building they are keen to rekey the locks at the very least or invest in new locks simply due to the rise in crime rates in Houston over the last several years. Preventing theft, burglary, or destruction of property is vital for Houstonians, especially in places like warehouses where valuable goods may be stored.

There are many different approaches and strategies one can employ regarding home or business security. At the end of the day, much will depend on your particular requirements and budget. When it comes to locks, rekeying old keys, or installing new ones, speak directly 713-688-3887 with Alamo Key & Lock locksmiths in TX Houston for professional advice and cost-effective services.

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Is Rekeying Locks Better Compared To Getting New Locking Mechanism

Honestly, there is no one simple answer for this question as it will depend on many factors. The most important ones are the type of the current lock, how many locks need attention, and also your budget for improving security. The best option is to seek professional advice from a professional locksmith instead of using rekeying kits and trying to install them yourself.

Rekeying is a precise process that requires expert hands to ensure everything works as anticipated. Keep in mind that there are many different types of keys and locks which require thorough understanding particularly when rekeying multiple products all at once.

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