Many retail businesses throughout the globe including the United States have been shut down or have been running partially in the covid-19 lockdown at least at their brick and mortar outlets. Security however is an ever-present concern because while the business premises may not be open to customers, it still contains valuable merchandise that needs to be protected from would-be thieves.

Most retail businesses keep some of their stock on shelves or in aisles, but they are typically connected to a storage area of some sort where they keep the backup stock. Even if the building is thoroughly locked up and does not have staff entering or exiting, the owner still needs to make sure unwanted trespassers or burglars cannot get through.

A full and thorough property security audit can be a great start. Furthermore, checking and changing out the locks of the building when necessary even if the locks, at first sight, appear to be in fine condition may be required to give you a higher level of security. A point worth noting is that locks are like any other piece of machinery or material, when used often, they can erode and become less effective with time. They should be replaced with newer lock models (preferably more durable versions like deadbolt locks) as often as the business can afford as an ideal security practice.

New Lock Installations For Retail Businesses In Houston

Old, worn-out locks are a serious liability for a retail outlet or storage warehouses. The older a lock is, the easier it is to break it open with force or to pry it open by picking it. Most lock picking tools like bump keys will work much easier on older locks that are either damaged or have been used for many years worn out. The retail business owner or the manager of the property can perform an overall inspection for the state of the locks but it’s always better to call upon a professional locksmith to perform this task.

Locks with rust or scratches should also be replaced, as it’s never good to be standing in front of a broken lock with no ability to lock or unlock doors of a retail premise. Do keep in mind that most professional locksmith companies in Houston TX are continuing to provide their entire spectrum of services despite lockdowns and Covid-19 related restrictions.

Consider Replacing Or Upgrading The Building Locks And Security

Investing in the latest security upgrades like a smart security system (biometric, access control system, card, PIN, etc.) is a worthwhile investment to consider for better protecting businesses and stocks from burglars. The system you opt for also depends on the nature of the store or building you are operating in (is it in a more secluded part of town, or does the building have a lot of windows or secondary entrances?).

You can also opt for a more basic smart security system by having alarms or wireless surveillance cameras installed. You can learn more about commercial security options available in today’s market by consulting Alamo Key & Lock commercial locksmith in Houston TX for the best plan of action.

Bad Weather

Just like anything else locks do in fact get damaged by environmental factors like humidity, rain, wind, or extreme heat. For this reason, make sure that locks around your property are evaluated by a licensed locksmith who can check the lock’s structural integrity and effectiveness should they ever come into contact with a burglar. Changing inadequate locks by replacing them is a common-sense building maintenance procedure, just like safety is the number one priority.

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