Fortunately, we don’t live in an igloo, instead, we all love the modern amenities found in our homes. For example: central heating, or air-conditioning. Our homes being our sanctuary from the elements also needs to be secured. The most basic form of home security is “doors and locks” its as if its the first line of defense keeping out strangers. For this reason amongst others, it is common to need the services of a locksmith in Texas at one point or another

It may so happen that you have managed to lock yourself out of your car or home, or are now concerned about the security and need to update or change the locks and keys of your home or business in Houston.

Deciding on your budget can be a tricky endeavor especially if you are undertaking a larger project (changing all the locks in your home or in a commercial property for instance). We would like to share some helpful tips and insights so that you get solutions you want without breaking the budget.

Generally speaking, basic locksmith services should not cost you more than a maximum of $150 in TX USA, but some factors do influence the rate locksmiths may charge.

Local TX Locksmith Or Otherwise?

You have to be mindful of locksmiths that market and advertise themselves as being local or very accessible but are in fact under-trained and trying to secure business without having the expertise or qualifications.

There have been instances in which locksmiths listed in the local yellow pages (or online business directories) will simply answer calls by saying ‘professional locksmith in Houston TX at your service.’ and yet, they are located elsewhere. Unless they have a legal presence or an office locally in Texas, we suggest that you do not hire them. First reason: its false advertising to state that you are a local Texas locksmith when you are located (let’s say in Oklahoma (which means dishonesty in advertising to win over your business)). Second reason: the longer the locksmith has to travel to service you can mean more expensive service rates.

When trying to find a good locksmith locally, compare the rates of at least few of them and then decide how much you are willing to pay. If you do not have high-tech requirements such as installing state of the art electronic safe or security system, you should be able to come to this decision quite easily.

Are They Up To It?

The skill, experience, and expertise of a particular locksmith or locksmith company will also determine the price. The key is to get the most experienced locksmith you can for a reasonable price. You may want to interview locksmiths before deciding on hiring them, and this research should always consider “experience and quality of parts used” as opposed to just prices. Meaning, be prepared to allocate a higher budget according to experience and quality parts because then you’ll know when a locksmith completes the work hired, you won’t have any problems due to poor workmanship and parts.

You should also make sure that the locksmiths you are engaging know about all the new and advanced lock systems at work in today’s world. Just picking and replacing locks is not good enough when you want to have peace of mind, locksmiths need to know how to handle, install (and even reprogram advanced systems) complicated locks including deadlocks.

Questions To Ask A Locksmith

All professional locksmiths should be able to answer their customer’s questions about locksmith services. That means “Ask and you shall receive” the answers you want clarity for. For example:

  • Where are you located?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What kind of locksmith services do you provide? (e.g. residential, commercial, emergency, automotive)
  • How long has your locksmith business has been operating in TX?

Beware Of Overcharging

The rate of a locksmith will most likely depend on the task that needs to be completed, if a locksmith wants to drill and remove a lock instead of spending the time to fix or pick it, it usually means they lack the professionalism and expertise (this basically means that they want to rip-you-off). To remedy this, always ask what is being done and why, and is there any other way?

Remember that some locksmiths charge extra fees for work on the weekends or national holidays. Although this may be okay for some types of locksmith businesses, beware of emergency locksmiths over-charging for work on the weekdays or after hours. After all, emergency locksmiths should not take advantage of a customer especially if you are facing an emergency.

You can call 713-688-3887 Alamo Key & Lock locksmiths for an absolutely free consultation and also remember that our rates are competitively priced regardless of when you hire us (weekdays, weekends, after hours, emergencies, or anytime).

For elderly citizens in Houston Tx: unfortunately, there are some locksmiths who may want to take advantage of our senior members of our community. Always insists on fixed price service before work begins.

Alamo Key & Lock takes care of senior citizens in Houston by offering great senior discounts.

Most professional locksmith companies in Houston TX have staff for 24-hour emergency locksmith service, and they don’t typically over-charge for services rendered after hours. Some locksmiths will insist upon changing the locks when only a new key will do. The pins in a lock cylinder are sometimes altered by locksmiths so that they can charge more at the end and earn commission on the new locks they install which were in truth unnecessary.

Got Any Questions?

We understand that budgeting for locksmith services can be a daunting task when all else of life’s necessities also needs to be paid for, and we also understand that when a locksmith is required for emergencies, it’s usually at most difficult financial times because we haven’t budgeted for such services.

What we basically want to say is, skip the searching, and let our experience and down-to-earth honest service assist you with all aspects of budgeting for locksmith services. We promise that our solutions will be the most cost-effective anywhere in TX, not to mention, the quality workmanship without compromising on security. Mind you, our friendliness is always free of charge ????

Speaking directly with a professional master locksmith in TX is easy, simply call 713-688-3887. And if you are experiencing basic locksmith problems, we hope to provide advice and solutions over the phone without you incurring any costs. That’s Alamo Key & Lock Difference “Honest, Dedicated, Cost-Effective and Friendly”

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