Let’s say you lost your car keys after a long day at work, and now you are ready to pay whatever it takes. Because you just want to be able to enter your car again as soon as possible. Are you really ready to pay whatever it takes? Losing the car keys seems like a bad luck event, after all, it was just there a moment ago.

Most often times, calling your local car dealerships may come across your mind as the most ideal solution, but, believe us when we say it is far from ideal. When dealing with such a situation, the smartest thing to do is to contact your local car locksmith in Houston TX. Here is why:

Car Locksmiths Offer Lower Costs Compared To Car Dealerships

Hiring an auto locksmith to get you that set of spare keys is a cost-effective, reliable, and fastest option in the case of lost vehicle keys. Car dealerships in Houston know how much you care about your car, and they are aware that you may be in a panic mode,  otherwise you wouldn’t call them about getting back into your car due to lost car keys.

Don’t give them a chance to take advantage of the situation and lose much from your wallet as well. Because an auto locksmith can duplicate the keys, or replace car keys for much less money, that means much less $$’s. Having said this, we are not about bad-mouthing car dealerships in Houston, after all, we ourselves have bought our locksmith van from a local Houston car dealership. What we are saying are the facts, when you are locked out of your car due to lost keys, calling Alamo Key & Lock car locksmith can be a better option.

Imagine it like this: let us assume that a window on a house is broken and requires replacement, would we call the home-builder for this situation? Of course not, because a cheaper, and faster option would be to call a local window replacement service provider in Houston TX.

Auto Locksmiths Offer Faster Results & Save Time

If you want to cut new keys or get a duplicate made, you would have to make an appointment with a car dealership. The whole process may last for weeks. Such a waste of time! You don’t need a time-consuming solution, but a rapid one. It is way more convenient to simply contact 713-688-3887 us, as all it takes is a single call and we’ll be there to replace or duplicate those keys – 24/7 at your service.

So, you may be skeptical about having your car keys duplicated or cut by an auto locksmith in Houston. Here comes the most common question.

Does An Auto Locksmith Have The Equipment For Cutting Car Keys?

Our professional car locksmiths possess all the right equipment for cutting and duplicating a new set of keys. We come to you with a fully equipped locksmith van, just in case you have specialty keys, we got you covered for those situations as well.

Our professional auto locksmiths can handle the most advanced types of car locking systems, even better than a car dealership would. Keep in mind that the newest technology improves the security of cars, thus, keys, as we know them today, including secret codes, and some of them even have microchips programmed. It is no secret specialty keys provide a myriad of options. We know how to re-program the key fobs and fix the issue with specialty car keys thanks to the use of the latest technologies coupled with our professional master locksmiths.

At this stage you may even think “Well Alamo Key & Lock you just want me to call you as my auto locksmith in Houston TX” and we’ll agree on that. But what’s more important to keep in mind is “if you have to call a car dealership due to lost keys” then, calling us on 713-688-3887 not only will be a cheaper option, but it will also be the faster solution. Because Alamo Key & Lock provides 100% reliable and affordable emergency locksmith service in Houston, you can count on our assistance 24/7

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