Back in the day about 20 years ago, you could replace your car keys in just a couple of minutes. Yet, the situation is completely different today in 2019, like car keys and locking systems have become much more complex.

Just to make things even more “interesting” the range of car locks and car keys expanded significantly as well. In case you need car keys replaced, you should know which type of car key you own.

Below we have classified car key types in order to help you identify yours, and we will also share a couple of hints about car keys replacement and repairs.

Types Of Car Keys

Car keys vary depending on a couple of important factors:

  • Complexity,
  • Security level provided,
  • Price.

Old Fashion Car Keys

If you are driving a Classic American Car, then you are probably using the basic car key. You are lucky on one hand, as this type is easy to copy and replace.
Vintage Automobile with car keys in the ignition

However, because of their simplicity, these types of car keys provide very little security compared to what’s available on the market today. In this situation, if you haven’t already, then, consider installing a vehicle security alarm system in order to deter and prevent theft.

Vehicle Keys With Remote Control

Going a step further, there are car key remotes with batteries. These are using a radio transmitter or an infrared signal and have a button for disabling the alarm as well. Because of the use of batteries, you already know the challenge of the remote control’s flattened battery. In this case, the alarm will just go on and on – annoying your neighbors in Houston TX.

We also serviced some vehicles which experienced difficulties with unlocking the car when being in the area of Houston TX Cell Towers transmitting a strong radio signal, as it was interfering with the signal within the device.

Electronic Transponder Keys

From the 1990s onward, manufacturers started producing more complex keys in order to help combat car theft. Therefore, the vehicle keys had a built-in electronic transponder chip, which was sending out signals to a certain device (car’s computer for example).

Even if you had car keys with a transponder chip of the same manufacturer as your cousin or your neighbor, you wouldn’t be able to use it to open your car.

Even if you lose your keys, a locksmith can re-program the existing one. Yes, even if you read the manual showing how to reprogram your keys, it would be much better to leave the job to a professional to avoid more problems.

Cars With Rolling Codes

This is an updated version of the transponder keys. Transponder keys with rolling codes create unique codes each time you lock or unlock your car. As this type of key is impossible to hack or duplicate, this means it offers the highest level of protection for your vehicle.

Consequently, transponder with rolling codes is expensive to replace in case you lose them.

Switchblade Keys

If you are retracting the base of your car keys into the head of the key, that means you are using switchblade keys. These are often easy to repair or replace, as a professional car locksmith in Houston would have to replace the head portion only.

Smart Keys

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz and their innovation, a whole new generation of car keys entered the market. You can touch the button and unlock your car, turn the radio on, adjust the seating position amongst other creature comforts. Some smart keys lock the vehicle themselves in case the owner of the vehicle walks away.

A car using smart keys detects the keys themselves, thanks to the built-in antenna.

Because the electronic car keys use modern technology and are highly secure, it may be a bit more pricey to replace them. Regardless of the type of car keys you are using, speak directly with Alamo Key & Lock Houston’s local emergency locksmith professionals in case you are lockout of your vehicles

Master Keys

This is a specific type of car key, as master keys were once used for programming replacement car keys at car dealerships. Be aware of this fact when purchasing a second-hand vehicle, as losing the master key will require replacing the whole engine management track – which can be very expensive depending on the vehicle in question.

Get A Spare Car Key Before You Are Locked Out Of Your Vehicle!

It would be wise to consider getting spare car keys duplicated in case you ever lose them. However, if you lost your car keys or you need a replacement or repair, simply get in touch 713-688-3887 with your professional locksmith in TX Alamo Key & Lock. If you are locked out of your vehicle in the odd hours of the day, we can come out to you extremely fast as we are Houston TX’s trusted emergency locksmiths.
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