We hear it again and again on the news, mother or a father forgetting the most important being “child” in the car. This obviously is an unfortunate event that we all as parents feel sad for, both for the parent and also the child.

Oftentimes, we scratch our heads asking “How in the world is that possible?” “How could a parent forget their child in the car?”. We all know as loving parents, no parent would want to experience such an event. Basically, parents who forgot their child in the vehicle are not “bad” parents.

Apparently, forgetting children in the car may happen because of the way our human brains work. According to KidsAndCars.org which has conducted extensive research, any parent driving children is vulnerable.

Just imagine a typical morning scenario, we get up, wash up, wake our children, it seems that each morning many of us are in a rush, from rushing our children through breakfast to dressing them up for school and making sure that they don’t forget their lunch. All is a ready clock ticking, we all get in our cars and hit the road, bumper to bumper is the new normal morning traffic rush hour. At times, all this seems overwhelming, but we soldier on because we must.

It’s no surprise that some parents end up locking their kids in the car. As sad as it may sound, heat strokes (particularly in our Houston Texas hot summers) can and do happen with devastating outcomes for our most loved family members “children”. Let us now inform you about a few considerations to keep in mind “always”.

Be Aware Of Your Kid’s Movements At All Times

We as parents may have grown up to stop playing hide and seek, however, children live in another world. Just closing their eyes makes them believe that others can not see them either. Meaning, children are playful, and also love playing hide and seek. Being curious and also happy role-playing, they could choose your family vehicle as a hiding spot, and even imitate your driving behavior thinking they are driving. It matters not what occupies your mind, always double-check your child’s whereabouts at regular intervals and always keep them in view.

Set Of Spare Keys Is Always Handy For Emergencies

It happens, we get many calls for our emergency locksmith services from our valued Houston TX customers during emergency lockouts. Should the case be involving children being locked in the car, it is only wise to be readily prepared with a spare set of keys to unlock the car as finding an emergency locksmith can be a tense situation, to say the least. In case of emergency (particularly involving hot Houston Texan summer temperatures), should you find yourself without a spare key ready, break the car window to gain access immediately and get your child out. Then, consider calling us so that an expert locksmith can create a spare key for future situations.

We strongly encourage you to carry duplicate keys with you, and use different keyring and place it in a different place (handy).

Inspect Your Car

Unfortunately, children are more vulnerable to accidental lockouts. Almost all modern vehicles have an auto-lock feature, which that means, one minute a child can get in the vehicle, and then a minute later, they can get stuck inside. As we’ve suggested above, Be Aware of Your Kid’s Movements at All Times. Furthermore, assess the condition of the locks of your vehicle. You can call upon a qualified locksmith to inspect your car and provide regular locking system maintenance to reduce the chances of key malfunctioning which could lead to car lockouts.

Minimize & Improve Daily Routines

We understand that time is of the essence, and all daily chores and routines seem like a never-ending story. However, stop for a minute and re-evaluate daily routines. First of all, if you are pressed for time, and then feel like increasing daily responsibilities as children grow. This is a great time to re-assess the entire daily and weekly routines. Because taking on more chores, more to do’s when you already are performing at full capacity could lead to accidental lockouts. Thinking of a quick stop at the supermarket or a shop? What if shopping could be done once per week without exceptions?

Conduct Drills

All schools and most workplaces around Texas conduct drills for various reasons, but what if you could do the same with your kids? Yes, you can and you should. Practice scenarios and educate your kids about potential hazards such as car lockouts. Your children will be more cautious as a result, and you will be less likely to forget them in the vehicle. Since a child starts learning from birth,t even if your child is young (perhaps 2+ years old) conducting drills is not only helpful, it is also a great quality fun time.

We believe that considering these tips will be of help regarding car lockouts. Whenever you are facing an emergency lockout (be it for your home, office, or car) we can be at your service within minutes ready to tackle all locksmithing work and provide professional advice and solutions.

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