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Transponder Keys Offer Better Protection Against Theft

Most Houstonians do not even realize the shocking statistics regarding auto theft throughout United States including Houston Texas. In fact, our local government has even created a task force (Houston Auto Crimes Task Force (H.A.C.T.F.)) to deal with and reduce car thefts in areas such as the City of Houston, Fort Bend County and Harris County.

Cars are a major investment in any individual’s life, which is why car security should be a top priority even if you exclusively park at paid or guarded parking spaces. Perhaps you may say “well I got full insurance” so therefore I am covered. And yet, unfortunate events occur and they are a pain in the A$$ to deal with. Basic tips like not keeping extra sets of keys anywhere in the car, and always locking your doors are common sense approaches to car security, but there are other techniques that can really make the difference between car theft and car safety. Take transponder keys for example:

What Is A Transponder Key For A Vehicle?

Transponder devices use microchips to transmit low-frequency signals which are then read by a remote receiver. The microchip is pre-programmed by the car manufacturer using a unique serial number. Using Radio Frequency Identification, the receiver must receive the correct serial number in order to operate. Similar to a key fob with remote, transponder keys are commonly used with car locks, home security systems, as well as to open gates and garage doors.

The Low-Level Radio Frequency technology has a long history dating back to World War II-era when they were used to transmit signals to vehicles that were tuned into them. Today, transponder keys can transmit uniquely identifiable signals which can lock and unlock the vehicle without inserting a physical key. The ignition of the vehicle is controlled by this unique frequency which is why no one else can gain access to your car if you have locked it with a transponder key.

The type of car transponder keys used for most standard vehicles is called magnetically coupled transponder keys. Magnetic coupled transponders do not need an electricity or power source to stay operational which makes them all the more user-friendly.

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Benefits Of Transponder Keys

  • Transponder key systems are among the safest and most widely used locking mechanisms for cars in 2021. They are an effortless solution to your car security concerns.
  • Transponder key systems cannot be duplicated except in extreme cases, as a result, regular car burglars will not be able to gain access. If you need a car transponder key replacement simply get in touch with your vehicle dealership to obtain a copy of your transponder key.
  • Since the transponder works in place of a physical key, thieves hotwiring a car is a thing of the past when your car is equipped with a transponder key.
  • One of the greatest advantages of investing in a transponder system for your car is that even if someone opens your car doors (such as by breaking the windows or using a crowbar) they still won’t be able to start the vehicle. Not to mention they would trigger the alarm and alert anyone around.
  • While the fact that transponder keys cannot be duplicated easily (as they are vehicle-specific), if yours were too lost, damaged, or broken, you can not start the car thus be stranded needing to call upon a well-trained professional locksmith whose able to replicate your vehicle transponder key to get you back on the road driving again.

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