Although right now we don’t know the type of car you own and drive, it’s more than likely that yours at least has a central locking system to lock/unlock the doors with a press of a button. Not long ago, this was seen as a luxury option when purchasing a vehicle.

Today, not only is a central locking system is a standard part of modern cars, you can even have smart locks whereby you do not even use a key to start your engine because the latest vehicles offer you a push-button start system or keyless entry remote access.

Basically, just like all things, car keys have evolved and been subject to technological advancement just like any other locking and security system you see used in the United States. Car keys are usually designed to sync perfectly with the car model itself. Good old physical car keys now seem like a thing of the past as many newer car manufacturers offer convenience through different types of car key formats that are commonly used today.

Remote Control

Remote keys are some of the most widely used car key types out on the market in Houston TX. If looked at from a historical viewpoint, there was a time when a single car could utilize several keys (one for the trunk, one for unlocking the doors, and so on). A remote key has the advantage of providing all the services with just one convenient key.

When remote keys first came out, they were a bit of an eyesore and were also quite bulky. Over the years they have slimmed down considerably but their weight and appearance still depend on the model of the car, because some high-end luxury cars have slimmer and more sophisticated remote keys. Remote keys also have a predetermined distance from which they can perform their functions and that includes turning off the car alarm.

Transponder Key

This type of car key has an inbuilt chip that is needed to deactivate an engine immobilizer (prevents the engine from starting and running by immobilizing main engine circuits either or all (the starter motor, the ignition, the fuel pump). The Engine Control Unit of the vehicles sends an electronic message to the transponder key when the ignition is turned to On or Run. The car will then only start if the correct message is sent back from the key.

This type of car key is great because engine immobilizers discourage would-be car thieves because if the engine can’t be started it can’t be driven. Transponder keys cut and programmed by Alamo Key & Lock Emergency Locksmiths in Texas

Smart Proximity Keys

Some cars have a proximity system that is triggered if a transponder car key is within a certain distance of the car and is sometimes called a hands-free or advanced key. Proximity keys epitomize the concept of keyless entry into the car.

Proximity keys work by giving off a frequency that can be sensed by the vehicle lock as long as you are physically close enough. Proximity keys work like a key fob and are probably the most convenient and time-saving little gadgets for your car.

The locking mechanism is automatic as soon as the vehicle driver is out of range, which means that the driver or car owner no longer needs to remember to lock the car (let’s face it, we all at times forget locking our cars). Furthermore, proximity keys are perfect for people like busy parents who have to make many stops in the course of the day and cannot be bothered to lock and unlock their car each time.

Vehicles that use this system typically can unlock as well as start the car by the push of a button which adds a lot of appeal for the car itself, especially for younger drivers or moms.

With repeated use proximity keys and even remote keys for that matter can stop working and be subjected to wear and tear. Should such unfortunate event occur, your local Houston TX Locksmiths can assist with all issues related to car key lockouts, remote car key battery replacement or key duplication.

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Key Fobs

Key fobs are another commonly used type of car key. A key fob can offer remote locking/unlocking, push-button start, and keyless entry performing a number of functions with ease such as turning off the alarm, locking, unlocking from a specific distance.

Many key fobs give off a low-level signal at all times which means that the car owner or driver need not even take the fob out to unlock the car and needs only be in proximity to the vehicle itself.

Twisting a dial or pushing the start button is all that is required to start the car if your car has a key fob, keep in mind that different key fobs have a wide array of user-friendly features. The cost to replace the latest key fobs can range between $60 to as high as $500 depending on the brand and make of the vehicle. In all cases, we offer all our valued customers the most competitive rates for all types of locksmithing solutions in Houston.

How Do Keyless Remotes Work

Keyless remotes contain a short-range radio transmitter that can be read when within a certain range (usually up to 20 meters) of the vehicle to work. When a button is pushed, it sends a coded signal by means of radio waves to a receiver unit in the car, which locks and or unlocks the doors.

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